St. Nicks Alliance

We are an outcomes-driven nonprofit community development organization serving low- to moderate-income North Brooklyn residents. We work to cultivate a community where all can thrive.

It all started in 1975 when parishioners of St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Church responded to help their neighbors after a fire destroyed a row of frame buildings on Power Street. St. Nicks Alliance emerged at the forefront of a nationwide grassroots movement to preserve and improve neighborhoods. We haven’t wavered from the heart of that mission since then.

We seek to transform lives through employment, education, housing, and health care, delivering impactful services to children, adults and the elderly with the help of our strategic partners. As a civic anchor we carry out this mission within the context of building a sustainable community for all people through the arts, environmental advocacy, and urban planning.

The Greenline was founded in 1974 by neighbors like you to inform our local community about issues that mattered to them: affordable housing development, healthcare, family-friendly events, local politics, and more. The staff of St. Nicks Alliance has kept it running for over 40 years.