The North Brooklyn Community News | Greenline is in its 48th year of circulation and remains a local favorite for hyper-local community news that covers Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and parts of Bushwick.

Our free monthly can be picked up at various locations (schools, community centers, banks, cafes/bars/restaurants, grocery stores, medical offices, lobbies, and local businesses) throughout the neighborhood.


Current print circulation is 5,000 with a print readership rate of 87%

Average monthly Google Search impressions are 57.5K
Average monthly site views are 2,960

Contact us for special ad rates and deals!

Call us to find out our promotional rates especially if you are a new business or nonprofit organization.

We offer discounts that will work within your budget, because our priority is community.

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Print & Online ad rates

Use the chart below as a guide, but please call if you’d like to offer something outside of the box.

Ad rates — general pricing (color and placement may increase rate) includes both print and online ad placement:

AD SIZEOne month3-11 monthsYear
Full page back page
10″ w x 13.5″ h
$1,200$1,000/mo ($3,000–$11,000)$950/mo      ($11,400)
Full page
10″ w x 13.5″ h
$650$600/mo ($1,800–$7,800)$550/mo        ($6,600)
Half page
10″ w x 6.625″ h
$325$300/mo ($900–$3,600)$275/mo        ($3,300)
Third page
10″ w x 4.375″ h
$215$200/mo ($600–$2,400)$175/mo        ($2,100)
Quarter page
4.875″ w x 6.625″ h
6.625″ w x 4.875″ h
$173$150/mo ($450–$1,800)$137/mo        ($1,644)
Eighth page
3.25″ w x 4.875″ h
4.875″ w x 3.25″ h
$80$75/mo  ($225–$900)$73/mo ($876)

Web ad rates

The rates above include online and print ads as a unit.  For online ads only call us for payment options.

Print submission guidelines

  • Please submit ads in one of the following formats: high-resolution .pdf, .jpg, .tif or .eps.
  • Minimum 150 dpi for black and white ads and 180 for color. Images should be close to or over 1 MB
  • We do not accept Word documents, low-resolution .pdfs, .bitmap files, or any files that do not confirm to the above sizes and resolutions.

Web submission guidelines

  • Please submit image ads in one of the following formats: .pdf, .jpg or .png.
  • Image size must be less than 1 MB.
  • We recommend fewer words and a striking image in order to get more clicks.

Monthly deadline

  • All print advertising content and payment are due by the 22nd of each month for publication in the following month’s issue.
  • All web advertising content and payment are due by the 25th of each month for online publication from the 1st–last day of the following month.

If you are purchasing monthly or annual ad packages the package’s total cost must be paid in full prior to first ad placement. We can also arrange a payment plan. 

Send all ads and inquiries to:

Lori Ann Doyon
Editor and publishing coordinator
718-388-5454 ext. 167

Greenline is a non-profit Newspaper and welcomes support via donations: