Summer Camp Experience

By the camp kids and counselors of St. Nicks Alliance Summer Camp

SC 03

“Awesome!” Matthew Baskerville, Camper

“Having Lots and Lots of FUN!” James Contreras, Camper

“This is my first time going to Dorney Park, great!”  by Samantha K., Camper

“My favorite experience from summer camp is making new friends and seeing my old ones you know.” Samantha, Camper

“I’ll remember the trips most. We went to Dorney Park, Splish Splash, and the pool every Mondays and Wednesdays.” Gabriella, Camper

“I like summer camp because you see friends have fun on the trips and visit pools.” Chris Mary, Camper

“I like to see my friends, and something I learned is to try new things.” Sayla, Camper

The best thing about Summer Camp is: “Making good friends!” said Samantha, Omar, Louis, and Jason, Campers

Dorney Park was our favorite trip!” said the majority of the campers.

“I was forced to come, but now I’m really glad I did.” Jason, Camper

“Highlights were playing kickball, basketball, jump rope, Ping-Pong. We just played a game against another program and they really enjoyed it.” Mitch, Camp Counselor

The most exciting part of summer camp was the trips to Splish-Splash and Dorney Park. The kids got a chance to be rewarded. If they didn’t come to camp they wouldn’t get to have as much fun as they had.” Gene, Camp Counselor

“I liked teaching the kids basketball and showing the kids that teamwork is the big thing.” Gerard, Camp Counselor

“The best part of summer camp is being able to watch our kids use their competitive nature to help them succeed  whether it was academic when we were playing Jeopardy or when we were building our Time Machine Theme based projects.” Violet, Camp Counselor

Author: Lori Ann Doyon

Managing editor, head writer, and lead photographer of Greenline | North Brooklyn News since October 2014. Resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 1990.

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