CB1 Dismayed by Delays of Greenpoint Hospital Development: No Role for GREC!

CB1 mtg 01
Jan Peterson, Chairperson for Greenpoint Renaissance Enterprise Corporation wants the City to stop constructing obstacles to developing the former Greenpoint Hospital Campus into affordable housing.

When it comes to the former Greenpoint Hospital Campus, Community Board #1 has run out of “patients” with the City of New York over the future of the campus. “CB #1 remains utterly dismayed at the continuous delays plaguing the sites development,“said Board Chair Dealice Fuller. Three competitive requests for proposal (RFP’s) have been released for the campus   over 30 years and have yet to produce one unit of affordable housing! However in contrast under the GREC Community Plan together in partnership with HPD has produced 45 units of housing and a community Facility.

Board members were angry that HPD presented a new planning process they call a visioning session that totally ignored and disrespected the long-term community planning. “HPD made no mention of the GREC planning process. My husband and I have devoted 30 years to rebuilding the campus and HPD just ignored our effort in their presentation at Community Board 1’s October 14th meeting. The Board spoke with a united clear voice that the RFP process has not worked and only delayed development,” said Jane Peterson, Chairperson for Greenpoint Renaissance Enterprise Corporation.

The HPD presentation did not make reference to the existing community plan for the former hospital complex. Jan Peterson, the Chairperson for Greenpoint Renaissance Enterprise Corporation indicated that the community has successfully renovated 5 buildings within the complex and did these developments all in partnership with HPD. Moreover, the community has made continuing efforts to develop the property that has encountered one obstacle after another.

The City’s plan calls for bringing in a private developer through a RFP process. However, community leaders indicate that the City has now used three competitive RFPs processes and has not built one unit of affordable housing in over 30 years.

Author: The Greenline

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