In Memory of Josephine Russo

josephine russo
Josephine Russo lives on in the warm memories of her friends and family

Williamsburg became a more somber place on Thursday, October 8th, when Josephine Russo passed away. Since 2008, her courteous presence was regularly on view in her work as a lobby attendant at Metropolitan Houses on 609 Metropolitan Avenue. Her usual shift was from 4 a.m.–noon, and then she would go have lunch at Swinging Sixties Senior Center. Josephine was a regular at the center and enjoyed playing bingo and participating in other activities.


Josephine Russo spent her lifetime of over 86 years in Williamsburg. She and her six siblings grew up at 106 Jackson Street, and when she got married she moved to the corner of Jackson and Leonard Streets. She was a faithful parishioner of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.

Marie Grace, a friend of Josephine’s for 45 years said, “Josephine was a very caring and giving woman. She was very kind to everyone. If she could do you a favor, she’d go out of her way to do it for you.”

Josephine Russo will be very much missed. She is survived by her 90-year-old sister, Millie Gangi, and 13 nieces and nephews.

Author: Lori Ann Doyon

Managing editor, head writer, and lead photographer of Greenline | North Brooklyn News since October 2014. Resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 1990.

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