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Youth Art Show 2016: A Tribute to the Joan Mitchell Foundation

YAS 0015
l to r Ed Brittenham (St. Nicks Alliance Board), Michael Rochford (Exec. Dir. St. Nicks Alliance), Phil Caponegro (Pres. Conselyea Street Block Association), José Ortiz (Joan Mitchell Foundation’s SOS Program Coordinator), Debra Sue Lorenzen (St. Nicks Alliance Youth Dir.), Noe Sosa (Joan Mitchel Foundation Artist-Teacher), and Andre Laracuente (Joan Mitchel Foundation Artist-Teacher)

Once again St. Nicks Alliance’s afterschool youth were guided by Joan Mitchell Foundation Artist-Teachers in producing inventive content for 2016’s Youth Art Show at 211 Ainslie Street. Artistic expression was developed and honed to create content from a

YAS 0012
My Future Self: PS 19 explored portraiture by imagining themselves in the future and creating and image on paper.

range of genres during this mentorship at afterschool sites and Cornerstone and Beacon community centers. The exhibition was on view for 4 days at 211 Ainslie’s Swinging Sixties Senior Center. Artist-Teacher Anne Polashenski once again coordinated the show and beamed with pride at the students’ accomplishments.

Art pieces were inspired by a variety of sources. Some of the younger Small World children were inspired by their lessons on insects of the spring and the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle to create a portrait series of Lepidoptera larvae (aka: caterpillars). PS 34’s kindergarteners and 1st graders made mixed media collages and mobiles. Middle school children created book sculptures that came to fruition after a two

Debra Sue Lorenzen, St. Nicks Alliance Youth Dir.) with CEC 14’s Superintendent Alicja Winnicki looking at PS 19’s marble prints

month period of many separate steps. School Settlement Association’s K–5th grade students took over the bocce court with their archetypical masks in many forms and colors, which were adorned with a gamut of accessories.

The show’s opening day reception was capped off with a salute to the wonderful work and amazing results the Joan Mitchell Foundation Artist-Teachers have achieved in their partnership with St. Nicks Alliance over the past years. José Ortiz, Joan Mitchell Foundation’s SOS Program Coordinator, was presented with a framed tribute of his efforts. St. Nicks Alliance’s Youth Division unanimously demonstrated their extra deep gratitude to the Joan Mitchell Foundation’s Artist-Teachers on the whole, and voiced their expectation at joining forces in the future.

YAS 002
Students from Cooper Park Cornerstone and PS 18 afterschool checking out the book sculptures and printmaking

Author: Lori Ann Doyon

Managing editor, head writer, and lead photographer of Greenline | North Brooklyn News since October 2014. Resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 1990.

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