PS 17’s hands-on creativity

PS 17’s thespians take to the stage in a show they created


This was the first year that PS 17 partnered with the Brooklyn Arts Council and Council Member Antonio Reynoso to add an arts curriculum to their afterschool. A BAC Teaching Artist was paired with a PS 17 teacher, making a matched set for each of the two genres: visual and performing arts.

Visual arts were created from cardboard, paper plates, etc. Family, city, and the universe were some of the subjects for the hanging art that was displayed on the walls around the auditorium and on some pillar supports too. The BAC teaching artist Begonia Santa-Cecilia mentioned why she felt an arts curriculum benefited her students, “[They] express feelings and emotions but also [develop] different ways of seeing the world.” She worked with Ms. Eberhard the art teacher of PS 17.

Then young thespians took the stage. Their teachers were Beth Cooper from BAC and Ms. Fox from PS 17. They revealed that the two plays about to be presented were created in workshop by the students. Before the performance the young actors did a few exercises to loosen up and energize them.

After the performances, the principal of PS 17, Dr. Robert A. Marchi said, “There is a lot of talent in this room. Everyone of you has some talent, and it’s up to you whether you want to show it and share it with other people.”

Author: The Greenline

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