Not Cooking with Gas

36 Linden Sarah, Adam
36 Linden Sarah Adam: Tenants rally in front of their building at 36 Linden — in photo Sarah Knispel from St. Nicks Alliance Community Preservation (left) and Adam Meyers of Brooklyn Legal Services A (center)

Icon Realty taken to court by half their tenants at 36 Linden Street

The tenants of 36 Linden Street have been dealing with six months of hardship as their building is in need of repairs, and they have had no cooking gas since January. On July 29th the Bushwick tenants called on ICON Realty, the building’s landlord, to restore their cooking gas and to make necessary repairs. Their list of repairs contain: cracks and holes in walls, ceilings, and floors, plumbing leaks, and mold elimination, much of which appeared during ICON’s renovations of the vacant apartments in the building. The construction — much of which is being done by unlicensed contractors — has severely damaged the surrounding occupied apartments and the resulting dust has sent two asthmatic children to the ER.

“I’ve said it many times before and it is unfortunate that I have to say it again: Construction as harassment will not be tolerated in this district or anywhere else in New York City. I stand with the tenants of 36 Linden and support their efforts to demand that ICON fulfill their basic requirements as a landlord to provide gas and repairs to this building,” said Councilmember Reynoso.

On July 29th tenants were able to share the good news that they had received an official court order for ICON to restore cooking gas to the building within the month. However, they are still unsettled about the suffering they have had to endure since the company bought the building last year.

Author: Lori Ann Doyon

Managing editor, head writer, and lead photographer of Greenline | North Brooklyn News since October 2014. Resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 1990.

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