Summer camp stars shine

The stars shone brightly this summer at St. Nicks Alliance and School Settlement Association’s nine summer camps.

by Tiffany Lin, Arts Education Coordinator for St. Nicks Alliance

During July and August, more than 1,000 campers, ages 5-12, studied Stars: Celestial and Celebrity. Literacy instruction, science experiments, field trips, research, and hands-on activities all sparked learning about the life cycle of heavenly entities, particularly the constellations and our nearest star, the sun. Stardom took on new meanings as youth explored: favorite athletes and performers, success and fame, and the role of celebrities in our society.

The arts were also center stage. Professional artists took up residence in the summer camps. Painters, sculptors, photographers, theatre artists and musicians guided St. Nicks Alliance and School Settlement Association’s summer campers to create art that was astrally derived.

School Settlement Association created a hanging installation inspired by art star Dale Chihuly. Chihuly is known for his elaborate and colorful glass sculptures. To emulate his influence students and staff gathered over 100 empty water bottles. They cut the bottles, painted them, and attached them together with a note from each student stating a fact they learned this summer camp about art. Students also designed flags and apparel for distant undiscovered planets.

PS 34’s yearning to look deeper into the sky for inspiration motivated them to craft telescopes of all sizes! After they read “The Little Prince” they created their own 3D model planets. In addition students utilized compressed charcoal to illustrate different planet environments and surroundings they may encounter in their galactic journeys.

MS 577 and Brooklyn Arbor explored constellations through watercolor, pastels, and light painting photography. In one project students layered watercolors, pastels, and acrylic paint to create a starry galaxy effect.

PS 250’s summer camp focused on each student’s star qualities that sparkled through vibrant choreographed dance and singing performances. When off stage the students delved into printmaking with potatoes to construct star stamps and also created miniature galaxies with sand, plaster, and color dispersing techniques.

Author: The Greenline

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