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Day 1 of the vote for District 33: polling site was outside the BK Story Voyager. Benjamin Solotaire, Dist. 33’s Participatory Budgeting Coordinator, was there to assist the voters.

Participatory Budgeting vote is underway in Districts 33 & 34

On your mark, mark your ballot! Participatory Budget Voting is underway and will continue until April 2nd.  The voting kicked off on March 25th for District 33 at McCarren Park’s farmers market – right in front of the BK Story Voyager.  Before, during, or after they marked their ballots, voters were invited to come into the BK Story Voyager. They were encouraged to bring their kids, who received a free book plus they had a ballot of their own, if they chose to exercise their vote. Also the BK Story Voyager’s iPads were logged on to the Participatory Budgeting site, for those who wanted to vote online.

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District 34 launched their Participatory Budget voting at El Puente (211 S 4th St.) with an expo. Sponsors of presented table displays of ballot projects and were available to answer questions.  All were very passionate about their ballot items. Maria Caceres, a special education teacher from PS 257 said, “I want everyone up on that stage!” Her school’s project would create handicap access. Kimberly Faraci an art teacher from PS 147 was promoting her ballot item: a new auditorium, because “the floor is as wavy as the ocean. We make the best of it. We’d like to have some help to make our vision come true.” Isaiah Boyd (basketball coach), Jahlil Cabot (group leader), and Diana Delgado (Dir. of the Community Center) from Hope Gardens were at the PB Expo hoping for a gym renovation.

Their gym’s floor was so worn it has hollow spots in addition to broken rims on the basketball hoops, and broken doors.  Nilsa Roman (member of GREC) from Cooper Park Houses was asking for a playground renovation in her housing development at 295 Jackson. It’s casually known as the senior park, although it’s for all ages, because it’s the only one that is wheelchair accessible; however there is only one bench.

Luckily a voter can vote for five projects. You can also vote online, in addition to doing it in person at a polling site.  Vote online here: www.council.nyc.gov/pb/

Author: Lori Ann Doyon

Managing editor, head writer, and lead photographer of Greenline | North Brooklyn News since October 2014. Resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 1990.

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