Biz Leaders Push for Jobs

St Nick's Alliance. 790 Broadway. Brooklyn NY. photo by Stefano Giovannini
Marc Rothchild (AIG),  Leah Archibald (Evergreen), Maria Hernandez (Woodhull Hospital), Daniel Delehanty (Bridgehampton National Bank), Joe Robles (St. Nicks Alliance),  Anthony Divittis (Woodhull Hospital), Larry Rothchild (St. Nicks Alliance Workforce Development), Beatrice Brown (St. Nicks Alliance Workforce Development),  Cheryl Jones (Woodhull Hospital), Laura James (UPS), Jose Leon (St. Nicks Alliance), Toby Moskovits (Heritage Equity Partners), Nancy Lasher (Consultant), Ed Brittenham (AIG), Michael Rochford (St. Nicks Alliance), Bob Din (St. Nicks Alliance Workforce Development)

A working group formed from leaders of corporate dynamos AIG and UPS, as well as local employer partners such as Heritage Equity, Two Trees, Evergreen, and NYC Health & Hospital Corp/Woodhull Hospital in order to facilitate job growth in the community. The Business Council, which is the brainchild of St. Nicks Alliance Board Member, Ed Brittenham, will provide guidance on sector training, connect with volunteer support, and build a network of industry relations that will open employment opportunities and help with fundraising.

The kickoff meeting occurred on June 7th at St. Nicks Alliance Workforce Development (790 Broadway). These wizards of biz brainstormed on how the business members can contribute to the Council and the workforce development center.  Ideas generated included company support in providing mentors to Workforce participants, introducing business partners to St. Nicks Alliance who could contribute to strengthening skills training programs, and reach out to business peers to expand the business council.

Author: The Greenline

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