Alternate Side Parking for Street Cleaning Cut in Half Next Year

ASP sign 001

Williamsburg and Greenpoint’s street cleanliness record has earned the community a reduction in the amount times they have to move their car to the other side to make way for street cleaners. Assemblyman Joseph R. Lentol announced on July 27th that the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) will be reducing alternate side parking (ASP) restrictions from four to two days per week in these two neighborhoods.

Lentol, after more than a decade of writing the DSNY commissioner asking for ASP reductions, asked Mayor de Blasio this May to reduce ASP from four to two days per week, as he noticed considerably cleaner streets in his district.

“I believe that our streets are cleaner than they have been in years,” Lentol said.

Mayor de Blasio responded, “In Fiscal Year 2016, the district, comprising the neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, had an average acceptable streets rating of 90.2 percent. Through the end of May it had increased its street cleanliness rating to 92.3. If this rating stays above 90 percent for the month of June, then Community Board One will be eligible to request that Alternate Side Parking be reduced in all or part of the district to one time per week.”

Lentol went to Brooklyn Community Board 1 to request a reduction of ASP on July 20th.

“Thanks to a law enacted in the City Council in 2010, we have a mechanism to reduce ASP in areas that are regularly clean,” Lentol stated. The 2010 law allows community boards that receive a cleanliness rating of at least 90% for two consecutive years to request a reduction in alternate side parking.

“The Mayor’s office said they are ‘absolutely implementing’ ASP reductions. We are on a 12-month implementation timeline, as they need to develop and install new signage,” Lentol added. “The ASP car moving game will finally have some relief. I know that North Brooklynites will keep the area clean because reducing the number of ASP days has been one of my constituent’s biggest requests.”

The changes will not affect 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. parking rules or meter regulations, or any other parking rules that are not street cleaning regulations

Author: The Greenline

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