Capri Jet Realty is invested in the growth of their staff, their clients, and the community

By Capri Jet Realty

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Capri Jet Realty, a full-service boutique real estate brokerage firm in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, was founded 20 years ago by industry veteran Robert Napolitano who has instilled a customer service focused mentality in his staff by leading by example and always working to go above and beyond for all of their clients, big and small.

Napolitano — with his three generations of family roots in Williamsburg — has deep ties to his local community, and brings those ties into running his real estate agency. In Capri Jet’s two decades, Napolitano has used his in-depth knowledge of the market to provide superior customer service, and create outstanding relationships with clients, landlords, owners and developers across North Brooklyn and the five boroughs.

One of the ways Napolitano gives top-notch customer service to all his clients is by closely overseeing each and every transaction personally, capitalizing on his wealth of knowledge and attentive approach to help get deals done.

“I am not a distant broker,” Napolitano said. “I am a working broker who assists on each transaction.”

The storefront of the office is located in one of the busiest parts of Williamsburg at 533 Metropolitan Ave., where the company has a beautiful display of all their listings. The office is surrounded by all the new developments, trendy restaurants and hipster spots that attract people from all over the world, thousands of which are passing by the office each and every day, which is a huge benefit to Capri Jet’s selling clients.

As with any successful business, the owner cannot do it alone.

Over the last 10 years Capri Jet has nearly tripled in size and is staffed with over two dozen highly-experienced personnel and four full-time expert assistants who are adept at working with their clients to meet all of their expectations and make certain that each move is prompt and well executed. It’s no wonder that the firm enjoys a consistent stream of referrals and repeat business from their loyal clients.

The staff at Capri Jet speaks several languages including English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Polish and Ukrainian, enabling them to relate to the needs of a diverse international clientele. Capri Jet also recently hired an in-house CPA and 10-31 expert, Mario Saggese, which allows the real estate firm to handle the abundance of tax consultations and ensure that more transactions are closed.

Capri Jet’s team of well-trained agents is no accident. Napolitano ensures that his staff is equipped with the information, tools, resources, and support they need to do the best job possible. Each year, the agents attend the National Association of Realtors Convention where they take part in training sessions and hear presentations by renowned industry professionals.

What’s more, well-known real estate trainer and National Speaker Joe Meyer is retained to hold in-house sessions twice a month with Capri Jet staff. Napolitano believes that keeping up to date on the market and latest techniques guarantees a smooth transaction for all his clients.

The company, however, does not only sell real estate.

Capri Jet takes an active role in the community by hosting a number of events such as a Client’s Appreciation Night at Vetro’s Restaurant in Howard Beach; a networking event for real estate attorneys and other real estate professionals to exchange business, ideas, and ways to help each other grow; a charity Santa’s Event for local families and children; an investors seminar to educate homeowners and investors on current market conditions and other industry-related matters etc.

On October 25, 2017 Capri Jet Realty participated and were featured speakers at the event for home owners and senior citizens at 211 Ainslie Street. They gave valuable advice and answered questions regarding selling properties, relocation services, tax aspects of the sale etc.


For more information about Capri Jet Realty, visit them in the office at 533 Metropolitan Ave., visit the website or give them a call 718-388-2188, where friendly and knowledgeable agents are waiting to assist you!


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