Elder Care Section: Name Change and New Service in Home Care

Since 1979, the Home Care branch of St. Nicks Alliance was known as St. Nicholas Human Support, but for a number of years it has been doing business as St. Nicks Alliance Home Care.  The name was legally changed to St. Nicks Alliance Home Care Corp. in May of this year.  Only the name changed, they have the same Board of Directors, same management team, and same quality services.

For those wondering how to sign up for home care services, St. Nicks Alliance Home Care has contracts with more than twenty-five different insurance plans, and it only takes a call to check if they work with one’s insurance provider.  All is not lost if the insurance provider is not on their list, they will figure out a way to provide home care services to those who are Medicaid eligible.

Another new development happened in April of this year when St. Nicks Alliance Home Care became a fiscal intermediary for personal care services.  Technically, this type of service is called Client Directed Personal Assistance Program, and it differs from traditional home care in a number of ways.  For instance it is geared to those who would prefer to manage their own care — recruit and hire Personal Assistants, schedule workers and replacements, train them, and have the ability to terminate their employment.  In addition it also allows the training of Personal Assistants to do tasks that home attendants in traditional home care cannot do, such as administer medication and provide other skilled tasks that aren’t permitted in the traditional home care setting.  It does require more responsibility for the supervision of one’s care but allows for the ability to train those according to specific needs.  Friends and family members are also eligible to work with the exception of the person responsible for directing the care, or the parent of a minor child when the minor child is the recipient of care.

     If you or a loved one is Medicaid eligible and needs some kind of personal care at home, call St. Nicks Alliance Home Care Corp. at (718) 388-5522 x204 to find out more about our home care services.


Author: The Greenline

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