Hosh Yoga Moved!

TAT 2017 043 Zumba 12
Hosh Yoga’s Danielle conducted six family Zumba sessions at the BK Story Voyager’s 5th Annual Touch-A-Truck.

After seven years at 55 Nassau Avenue, Hosh Yoga moved into their new location at 657 Meeker Avenue on September 8th.

Hosh Yoga’s local mission-driven yoga studio has a more than ten-year history in the community.  They have seen how their programs make a difference for their neighbors. “We want to build on that tradition, our monthly sustaining memberships are $65 per month and all programming is cost-effective and fairly-priced. Our mission has been to make health and wellness a right of life rather than a luxury offering programming for all communities regardless of skill and income,” said Henry Cross, Executive Director of Hosh Yoga

Hosh went from a few classes in a park, to a few classes in a gym, to a yoga studio, to an organization. They are a start-up story based in Greenpoint. Every month they reach over 3,000 children, adults, and seniors throughout NYC.

Hosh Yoga is located at 657 Meeker Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222. For more information:  ph. (718) 599-9642 or email: info@hoshyoga.org

Author: The Greenline

Your monthly source for North Brooklyn community news covering Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick. Currently 13,000 copies are distributed throughout the community free of charge.

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