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Dual Language German!SiS2017 ps18 placeholder

P.S. 18, Edward Bush 

101 Maujer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206


Principal: Alison Alexander

Core Value:  It’s not about us, it’s about the kids!

P.S. 18K has a deep history in Brooklyn, serving the Williamsburg community for over 50 years.  The school has been referenced as a pivotal location in Betty Smith’s, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Though we have been around for a while, we are constantly making changes to support the needs of our community.

P.S. 18K has been redesigned! It is a nurturing place where students learn, grow and play.  It has an intimate learning environment where students receive individualized attention that helps them realize their brilliance. Students receive a well-rounded educational experience that values academic rigor, character development, and social-emotional wellness. P.S. 18K is a family oriented, community school.

Some of the programs we offer are Spanish Dual Language, STEM education, visual arts, drama, physical education, character education, and Hip Hop Yoga.  New this year, is a German Language Enrichment Program!

More highlights: Full day Pre-K program, Spanish Dual Language & German Language Enrichment, Free Afterschool for K-5 with St. Nicks Alliance, Blended Learning Curriculum, Technology in all classrooms, STEM Carts, Robotics and a new computer lab, Dental and Vision services for students, and Community School services for parents

School Tours: Every Thursday, 9AM-10AM, by Appointment Only. Contact: (718) 387-3241 or 3242


 New STEM Lab Coming!

SiS2017 ps34
Students learn the recorder, one of the expanded enrichments at the school

P.S. 34, Oliver Hazard Perry 

131 Norman Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222


Principal: Carmen Asselta

Awards & Recognitions: 2012 Blue Ribbon School, 2015 NYS Reward School, 2017 National Wildlife Green Flag Award.

In 2017, PS 34 Oliver H. Perry Elementary School celebrates its 150 years of inspiring wonder and success in our children as we educate the whole child — heart, body and mind.  We are committed to providing resources and activities to engage our parents and families in their child’s education and personal growth.

Children from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade learn to code and problem solve through our Eco-STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program. Our students will use state of the art mobile STEM carts equipped with iPads for research and study this coming school year.                                 

We are proud to offer the first Polish-English Dual Language program in New York City. The Polish Dual Language program develops bilingualism in both languages as well as an understanding of the Polish Culture. This school year the program will grow to include second grade class. We also offer afterschool foreign language classes in Polish and Spanish.

Students at PS 34 participate in theater and acting, ballroom dancing, and learning the recorder.  We also offer an Art Program lead by our dedicated visual arts teacher and our art partners: the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Williamsburg Movement & Arts Center, Eckford Street Studios, BRIC Arts and Media, Everybody Act Theater, Disney Musical in the Schools, and Dancing Classrooms.

Parents are welcome to be involved in many ways such as through our strong PTA and various committees, school volunteers, various workshops, Family Nights to the circus, baseball games and Parent Read to Class days.

School Tours: Please contact our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Deise Kowalski for information and tour dates., 718 389-5842.


Rigorous Curriculum

P.S. 147, School for Environmental Engineering SIS2017 ps147Pride

325 Bushwick Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11206


Principal: Sandra Noyola

In a relatively short time, P.S. 147 has managed to establish itself as one of the premier elementary schools in District 14.  In addition to its rigorous academic curriculum, which focuses heavily on cultivating the higher order thinking skills of its students, P.S. 147 also maintains a steadfast commitment to arts education.

Children in grades K-5 all participate in numerous arts based residencies designed build their background knowledge and to encourage an appreciation and understanding for the many cultures of the world. In addition, P.S.147 has led the initiative, in collaboration with parents and teachers, to launch the first and only Japanese Dual Language program in New York City. The Japanese DLP is on the cusp of its third year and continues to draw families from across the five boroughs who are all excited to have their kindergarten, first and second grade students immersed in Japanese language and culture.

Last, but not least, P.S. 147’s state of the art Hydroponic Lab provides students with the kind of experiential learning environment that will support critical thinking, exploration and synthesis of old and new knowledge. The leadership of Principal, Sandra Noyola and Assistant Principal, Eliza Figueroa has resulted in a sea change within in this school community that will, undoubtedly, impact the community at large.

Open House Dates: (2017) November 17, December 15; (2018) January 12, February 9, March 23, April 20, and May 18


Symphony PartnershipSiS2017 ps250

P.S. 250, George H. Lindsay

108 Montrose Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206


Principal: RoseAnn LaCioppa
PS 250, the Williamsburg Magnet School for Communications and Multimedia Arts is a unique, diverse community whereby all stakeholders participate in the education and well-being of our children.

This year, we are very excited to enrich our students’ arts experiences through a partnership with Marquis Studios and Symphony Space. Our students will be exploring Architectural Bridge Design, Filmmaking, Circus Arts, and Dances Around the World.  In addition, our performing arts teacher and her collaboration with the Arthur Miller Foundation will make theatre come alive for all our students.

Also this year, all of our students will visit our high-tech learning laboratories and engage in a state of the art STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) program whereby they will explore simple to complex coding with a Nao Robot and behave like real scientists. Our young scientists will also observe and monitor trout through the “Trout in the Classroom” program. We are also very proud to begin our second year of providing our community with the Chinese/English Dual Language program.

Families can visit our school and tour our wonderful building.

School Tours: Tours are conducted every Wednesday throughout the year. Please call (718) 384-0889 and speak with our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Nieves to schedule a visit!


Leader in MeSiS2017 ps380

P.S. 380, John Wayne Elementary School 

370 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206


Principal: Elsa Nunez
Public School 380, John Wayne Elementary School is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where each student can reach their highest potential. Students are provided with a safe and orderly environment in which everyone is respected and valued. The “team at PS 380” (parents, staff, and administrators) are committed to developing students who are lifelong learners, prepared to face challenges, and well equipped to meet life goals. We strive to implement a rigorous instructional program and to foster leadership skills in order to prepare students for college and career. At Public School 380, we incorporate the arts, technology and science into our daily instructional schedule to provide students with a balanced educational program

This year, our instructional goals include incorporating higher order thinking and discussion techniques across content areas in order to promote critical thinking. We are very excited to have become a Community School and to have the opportunity to collaborate with St. Nicks Alliance to further support the academic and social emotional development of our students. Our collaboration with St. Nicks Alliance will enable students to receive additional support and enrichment activities during the school day and the afterschool program.  We are also proud to announce that we are a “Leader in Me” school.  The aim of this program is to help students develop habits that lead to greater academic and personal success.


New Outdoor Classroom

SiS2017 ps414.jpg
A section of P.S. 414’s new outdoor classroom and playground

P.S. 414/Brooklyn Arbor 

325 South 3rd Street

Brooklyn, NY 11211

​Tel: 718-963-0393

​Principal: Eva Irizarry

Brooklyn Arbor School/PS 414 is a magnet school of global and ethical studies with a focus on environmental sustainability. It was founded in 2012.

We are a comprehensive learning community dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment where students can thrive academically, emotionally, and socially. All students will receive an education that places a premium on relationships, engagement with the wider community, and scholarship.

At Brooklyn Arbor, we firmly believe that this period of exploration, discovery and practice should be met with an interdisciplinary, project-based, arts and technology infused curriculum which will encourage developing minds to forge connections, take intellectual risks, and foster strong habits and values.

What’s New for 2018: Brand new outdoor classrooms and playground funded through Council Member Antonio Reynoso and the Participatory Budgeting process!  Remodeled fifth grade reading and social studies laboratories designed by City at Work!  Two drama productions this year!  Weekly yoga for all students!

School Tour Dates: (2017) November 3, December 1; (2018) January 5, February 2


Strong STEAM Focus

SiS2017 ms126
SeaPerch Robotics Club

M.S. 126 John Ericsson Middle School

424 Leonard Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222


Principal: Maria Ortega

Core Values: Innovation, Problem Solving, Building Leadership, Teamwork

John Ericsson Middle School 126 is a diverse learning environment comprised of passionate students and staff in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. As the Magnet School for Environmental Engineering, our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) program infuses our challenging curriculum with hands-on learning activities and experiential learning opportunities that foster a genuine sense of environmental awareness and responsibility in our students for the school and our community.

On the cutting-edge of education, we participate in innovative initiatives that offer students a rich academic experience such as: MSQI (Middle School Quality Initiative), Algebra for All, College Access for All, Eco Schools, Project-Based Investigative Science, and Chess.  Students also have the opportunity to take the Algebra I Regents and the Living Environment Regents at the end of 8th grade.  Technology is infused in every classroom through the use of online programs such as MyOn, NewsELA, and Mathletics.

We are a NYC Community School that supports the development of our students through the Leader in Me program, on-site psychologist and mental health service providers.  We offer parent workshops and after school academic support in Math, Science, ELA, and NYSESLAT throughout the year.  Drama, Soccer, Flag Football, Girl’s and Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Softball, Art Portfolio, Boy’s Baseball, Green Team, SeaPerch Robotics Club, and Space Camp Club are some of the afterschool activities we offer.

Open Houses:  (evening) October 18 & October 24, from 5:30 p.m.–7:30 p.m.; (daytime) October 21 & November 18, from 10:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.


Digital PortfolioSiS2017 ms582

M.S. 582  The Upper Academy The Magnet School for Multimedia Technology and Urban Planning 

207 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206


Principal: Brian Walsh

M.S. 582: The Magnet School for Multimedia Technology and Urban Planning offers students a rigorous, holistic academic experience and character education grounded in The Leader In Me 7 Habits. This is a specialized programming in engineering, architecture, and design having college and career readiness in mind and preparing our scholars to be accepted into specialized NYC high schools.

M.S. 582 scholars will graduate with a digital portfolio of projects that include, digital photography, community service, video clips,  podcasts, writing pieces, reflection essays, hands-on projects created in our state of the art iMac computer lab and Fabrication/Makerspace lab that supports web design, animation, robotics, coding, woodworking, architecture design modeling, clay work, 3-d print modeling and urban planning. In M.S. 582’s new greenhouse hydroponic lab, students explore the real-world challenge of urban gardening while growing fresh salad, herbs, and colorful flowers inside the classroom. M.S. 582 scholars work alongside professional partners at the BEAM Center, Salvadori Center, BRIC Media Arts, NYSunworks, CUNY CityTech, Pratt Institute, Paley Media Center, Hosh Kids, Urban Arts Partnership, Fyrezone, and St. Nicks Alliance’s free 5-day afterschool, all thanks to the support of the MSAP grant, Councilman Antonio Reynoso, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, and Deputy Brooklyn Borough President Diana Reyna.

On September 26th the school hosted “The Middle School Experience, Imagine Your Future”.  This was a family and curriculum night that highlighted the school’s complete STEAM makeover and gave parents an opportunity to ask teachers questions and students a chance to experience hands on STEAM activities, face painting, and other fun.

 School Tours: Weekly tours are available for all interested parents and students. Contact Parent Coordinator, Ms. Bibiana Rodriguez at 718-456-8218 to schedule a time.


 Civic EngagementSiS2017 UnityPrep.jpg

Unity Preparatory Charter School of Brooklyn 

Middle School: 432 Monroe Street Brooklyn, NY 11221

High School: 1150 East New York Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212

(718) 455-5046

Chief of Staff: Mr. Hemanth Venkataraman

Unity’s mission is to empower students as scholars and citizens so they may lead fulfilling academic, personal, and professional lives.

Unity’s key features include:

  • A College Prep Course of Study
  • Interventions that Promote Sound Literacy Skills
  • Additional Periods of Math to Build Numeracy Skills
  • More Time for Learning through an Extended Day
  • Customized Academic Supports, including Tutoring
  • Enrichment Courses in Technology, Art, & Spanish
  • Dozens of Elective Clubs and Athletic Teams
  • Opportunities for Active Community Involvement

Unity Prep pursues its mission through three interdependent programs that reinforce one another and serve as the backbone of our school’s design:


That equips students with the knowledge and skills to enroll and succeed in secondary and postsecondary courses.


Which encompasses our three enrichment courses and all clubs, sports, and school-based activities, will serve to reinforce and broaden what students learn in their core courses, accommodate individual student interests, and develop important, twenty-first century, career skills in technology, communication, teamwork, critical and creative thinking, and problem solving.


That includes various non-academic, “beyond-the-classroom” activities in which students interact with the school and local community to develop essential life and citizenship skills such as adaptability, empathy, initiative, productivity, and responsibility while further reinforcing students’ academic learning through real-world, meaningful application.

School Enrollment and Tours: call (718) 455-5046 to set up an appointment to tour or enroll.


Promotes Family and Community InvolvementSiS2017 progHS 4 x 2.2

Progress High School

850 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211


Principal: Dr. William C. Jusino

“Progress is focused on the development of the total student: preparing them for life, college, and a commitment to social justice with a concern for the world at large. Our students are, in truth, preparing for a mission that extends beyond mere education into the area of public service,” states Progress High School’s principal, Dr. William C. Jusino.

Progress High School offers Advanced Placement classes in:

Biology, Statistics, Environmental Science, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, AP Spanish Literature, US Government and Politics, US History, and World History

For those students looking to specialize in a field, Progress High School has curriculum that focuses on:

Medical Professions: Preparation for entry-level positions in the health field as well as admission to two- and four-year colleges

Mathematics and Science Institute: Challenging academic program that prepares students for majors in scientific studies at competitive universities; offers Honors, AP, and CUNY College Now courses

Fine Art: Courses in art history, drawing, painting, graphic arts, sculpture, stage design, and AP Studio Art. Other elective offerings such as art history, ceramics, computer graphics, mural painting, and sculpture

Instrumental Music: Three full concert bands, two jazz bands, two choral ensembles, two dance ensembles; Chamber groups such as guitar ensemble, brass choir, and clarinet choir

“Advanced Placement courses inside and outside of Progress helped me accumulate enough credits to finish a semester of college. Now I’ll graduate early and pursue my career sooner.” Said Raymer Cardona, student.


Offers Skills to Compete in Global Society

SiS2017 EWSA
Law Week in EWSA’s mock court room

East Williamsburg Scholars Academy 

850 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211


Principal: Rosemary Vega

Core Values: Value, Integrity, and Purpose

East Williamsburg Scholars Academy (EWSA) is located in the center of Williamsburg with a diverse population. Our exceptional faculty and staff is dedicated to creating a rigorous and safe learning environment where students can learn to think critically, communicate effectively, and be open to a wide range of ideas and experiences. Our students participate in programs designed to enhance their understanding of the real world in order to develop problem solving skills, so that they may become productive members of society.

At EWSA, we passionately support the growth of young adults through an emphasis on academic performance and social and emotional learning. We provide our students with well-rounded curriculums that instill a strong educational foundation, fostering and promoting post-secondary success. In partnership with Medgar Evers, we offer the Early Scholars College Program, which offers dual high school and college credits.  This school year EWSA will focus on college and career readiness, through text-based analysis, Socratic seminars, interdisciplinary projects, and inquiry based problem solving.  To supplement our wide array of rigorous courses such as Advanced Placement, Music, Law, and Cybersecurity, we now offer Mandarin Chinese and Advanced Science Research to develop marketable skills in order to compete in our global society.

In keeping with our commitment to provide high quality education to our diverse community, our teachers, administrators and the community work collaboratively  to create a school of excellence.  Our motto, “Where Leaders Are Made” supports our goal of building capacity in all our stake holders. ‎We take pride in being a small school with a big heart!

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