BK Story Voyager Book Picks: Sneezy the Snowman

By Laura Ennis, BK Story Voyager Librarian


Sneezy the Snowman

By Maureen Wright

(For readers in grades 1–3)


In this lively winter book, Maureen Wright weaves a story of Sneezy, a snowman who ironically starts to feel dreadfully cold. To warm up Sneezy drinks hot cocoa, sits in a hot tub, and stands near a campfire. The consequences of these warm applications you can guess, but his process to find a happy medium with a little help from the children keeps you turning the page to see if they “Make [him] brand new!”

Maureen Wright uses verse to share Sneezy’s predicament, “‘Brrrrr, ACHOOO!” The BK_STORY_VOYAGER_FRONT_v2-FINAL-smallplayful idea of a snowman catching a cold will certainly resonate with winter readers. It can bring kindred comfort to any under-the-weather readers. Stephen Gilpin’s illustrations play with mixed-media as he brings Sneezy’s story to life.

If you’re looking for a fun, silly winter read, “Sneezy the Snowman” is the book for you. It is reminiscent of Olaf’s (from “Frozen”) desire to experience summer unaware that in higher temperatures he will melt. “Sneezy the Snowman” will provide much needed glee in the winter months or anytime it’s read.

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