Anthony Spoto, President and a Founder of BARC Shelter, Has Passed Away

President of Brooklyn Animal Resources Coalition, Anthony Spoto, known as Tony passed away on March 15, 2018

This St. Patrick’s Day Brooklyn Animal Resources Coalition (BARC) announced that Anthony Spoto, their president and one of their founders, had passed away unexpectedly on March 15th. This news wrenched the hearts of most animal lovers in the community.

“Tony was an innovator, who along with his partner Vincent Spinola, opened the first animal shelter in [Williamsburg] Brooklyn back when there was no place for the many discarded cats and dogs to go. He greatly improved the welfare and lives of so many animals in need, creating a one-of-a-kind, no-kill animal shelter that is well-loved by animals and humans alike. He was a hero to the thousands of dogs and cats that have entered BARC Shelter where they could heal and blossom while waiting to find their forever homes,” stated the BARC facebook page.

“Vinny, you & Tony built a movement for Justice for animals. Great job. Great love. Thank you for your contributions. A loss to humans and our companions,” Felice Kirby commented on the facebook post.

I remember the early days of BARC, as it was the only pet supply shop in the neighborhood at the time. No one would escape without a laugh, a smile, or sometimes a new furry addition to the family when Tony was in the shop. He and Vinny became heroes of the abused and homeless animals in the neighborhood, and their dedication has grown into a touchstone of goodwill in our community.

If you would like to make a donation to honor Anthony Spoto, send your checks to BARC Shelter, 86 North 1st Street, Brooklyn, New York 11249 or online at:

Author: The Greenline

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