October Goings-On

10.03                          7pm: 94th Precinct Community Council Mtg.
155 Milton St , near Manhattan Avenue

10.06                          Seeds of the Future Indigenous Peoples’ Day Symposium:12pm–5pm
86 Kent Avenue, Bushwick Inlet Park
To connect the American Indian Community House with
North Brooklyn. The event will explore the application of
indigenous values, culture, and ethics through
environmental teachings and knowledge of how to coexist
with nature through dialogue, storytelling, art, dance, and

10.07, +*                    Low Cost Dog & Cat Vaccinations: 4pm–5:30pm
(*Every Sunday)        Petland Discounts, 846 Manhattan Ave. via VIP Pet Care

10.08                          Columbus Day

10.09                         Community Board 1 Meeting: 6pm
211 Ainslie Street, BK

10.10                        90th Precinct Community Council Mtg.: 7pm
30 Montrose Avenue, BK, Community Rm (718) 963-5309

10.13–28                 Museum of Pizza
William Vale Hotel, 111 N 12th St.

10.17                       UNO (United Neighbors Org.) Meeting: 6pm
211 Ainslie St.
UNO is an organization of united tenants from Wburg,
East Wburg, and Greenpoint. Any tenant from N BK
is welcome to attend if they want to fight displacement.
Pizza served, legal counseling, kids are welcome!

10.20                       It’s My Park at Cooper Park: 11am–3pm
Bushwick Inlet Park Building: 86 Kent Ave. volunteer with Friends                                  of Cooper Park to beautify and plant daffodil bulbs at Cooper Park.

10.27                      School Fest: 12pm–4pm:
MS 126: 424 Leonard St.

10.28                      Greenpointers Fall Market:1pm–7pm:
67 West St., 5th floor

10.28                     15th Annual Children’s Halloween Parade:12pm
176 Java St. Town Square, sponsor

Author: Lori Ann Doyon

Managing editor, head writer, and lead photographer of Greenline | North Brooklyn News since October 2014. Resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 1990.

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