A Grand Reopening:

Subway Entrances on Hope and Powers on Union Avenue

Erin Piscopink, Executive Director of the Grand Street BID (left) cuts the ribbon on one of the reopened entrances at Union Avenue and Hope Street.

Station improvements, which were part of the original L-train Shutdown plan, seem to be unfazed by the switch to the new version, the L Project. One of these improvements recently finished at the Metropolitan/Lorimer Station. Two subway entrances (at Hope and Powers Streets on Union Avenue), which have been closed since the 90s except as emergency exits, reopened to general use on the morning of Feb 28th!  This will accommodate more foot traffic for G and L train commuters at the Metropolitan/Lorimer Station.

“We’re thrilled to see these entrances reopen,” said Erin Piscopink, Executive Director of the Grand Street BID. “The business community here has been fighting for years to get these entrances open, making it easier for people to get to Grand Street. It’s an exciting day for the community!”


The project took about 6 months, and this was a major project that will allow more direct, faster access to the G train for customers coming from the south of the station.  It included:

  • Reopened two street-to-mezzanine stairs and six mezzanine-to-platform stairs (includes installing new handrails, railings, treads, etc.). The stairs were closed in the 1990s based on our records
  • Reopened a new section of the station to access these new stairs
  • Installed a new platform stair and extended the mezzanine at the Metropolitan Avenue end of the station
  • Installed new lighting and station signage
  • Painted the Hope/Powers mezzanine area
  • Installed new Help Point kiosks
  • Opened a new fare control area including new turnstiles, emergency gates, and MetroCard Vending machines
  • Installed digital screens for real-time info and paid advertising


The New York City Transit Authority commented, “This improvement and expansion project is going to help thousands of G and L train customers by opening up a large section of the station along with nine new staircases, and putting in brand new turnstiles, information screens and other features to help people access and move through the station quickly and safely.”

The then soon to be reopened entrance on Union Avenue and Powers Street, prior to the ribbon cutting that opened the entrance on February 28th

Author: The Greenline

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