BK Story Voyager Book Pick: The Pink Hat

(For readers in Preschool–3rd Grade)

March is Women’s History Month, and one may assume Andrew Joyner’s The Pink Hat is about more recent times than history, but this pink hat has its own history as it is passed down from and to women of many generations. The story subtly showcases the support that woman have for each other. The hat finds its spotlight when it lands in the hands of a young girl who is attending a Women’s March, with many like-minded pink-hatted woman.

The drawings are black and white, save for the pop of bright fuchsia for the hat. This is a colorful acknowledgement that the main character of the story is indeed the pink hat. The story is a simple follow-that-hat tale as it makes its way from the older woman who made it through time and on new heads. Joyner doesn’t focus on the literal origins of the pink hat and its relation to the Women’s March. Instead, he helps young readers see the pink hat as not just an object but a rallying symbol for women’s rights.

In the spirit of March holding 31 days to honor women, take one of them to read The Pink Hat. It will teach your child about the power of women coming together.

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