State’s Progress Highlights


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North Brooklyn’s State Elected Officials (l to r) Sen. Brian Kavanagh, Sen. Julia Salazar, and Assembly Member Joseph Lentol inform the community on the progress in Albany

It’s almost nine months since the democrats took control of state government in the 2018 midterms. In mid-August officials in the senate and assembly took the opportunity to communicate some legislation breakthroughs.

Senator Brian Kavanagh spoke about the affordable housing’s historic victory with the passing of Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019.  Among the protections provided in this legislation are it:  extends the rent regulation laws and makes them permanent, eliminates loopholes to prevent units from being deregulated when they are vacant, and reforms the “owner use” exception so owners cannot force out rent-regulated tenants by claiming their apartments as secondary homes.

Climate protection and human rights were addressed by Senator Julia Salazar. She spoke on The Climate Leadership Community Protection Act (CLCPA), a bill that would allow NY State to transition to a state with zero carbon emissions by 2050. In addition she informed on reforms that lessen the burden of what qualifies as sexual harassment in the workplace, and discussed the Green Light Drivers Licenses Bill, which gives undocumented people the right to drive.

Assembly Member Joseph Lentol shared the new gun laws that restrict access in order to prevent gun violence. He also brought focus to developments in criminal justice system such as discovery reform that allows defendants and their lawyers access to the evidence that will be presented against them well in advance instead of on the eve of trial; in addition to bail reform that helps those accused of misdemeanors and non-violent felonies to avoid lengthy pre-trial incarceration due to an inability to pay.

Author: The Greenline

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