Finishes with European Finesse: Meoded at Loconsolo Paints

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Ralph Chiaro (right) manages the Graham Avenue store and is part of the fourth generation in the family business stands with one of his staff, Nelson who has lived in the neighborhood for 25 years.

If you’re looking to add dimension to your walls with a more heightened effect than paint alone can provide, why not consider Meoded Paint & Plaster.  Their Tonachino Firenze™ is a natural lime-based plaster for creating an authentic “Old-World” sand finish. Stucco Lamundo is a genuine lime based Venetian plaster that can add a durable and easy to apply marble-like finish to most interior surfaces. Another choice is Golmex plaster, a high quality Portland cement that gives the appearance of polished concrete on interior and exterior walls. Any of these can be colored or tinted, plus they are eco-friendly with zero or low Volatile organic compounds (VOC). You can find these products at Loconsolo Paints (371 Graham Avenue).

Loconsolo Paints has the distinction of being the first distributor in NY to offer Meoded. This status continued for many years before being sold at other outlets.  Their customers immediately took to these products and love the unique look and feel given to a room by Venetian plaster. Each application gives the opportunity for the user to make their own original look and feel.

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Contractor Louis Mastrangelo used Meoded Products at the Black Diamond Development at 34 Maspeth photo credit: Hilary Katzen

“Any client looking for a unique and distinguished decorative finish for their home will find that Meoded products offer a variety of options.  From textured look to smooth, each plaster gives its own original feel to any room in a home,” said Ralph Chiaro, manager of the Graham Avenue store.  He dismisses any potential intimidation factor, “This type of finish can be applied by anyone. There are a lot of tutorials online at and Youtube that will help anyone trying this out for the first time. It’s always good to have a professional do any type of project, but with a little practice, everyone has the ability to give any room a full makeover with plaster.”

Just like with paint, when considering adding a color to Meoded finishes, it is important to consider the amount of light in the room, furniture and design of the entire house. Once the decision is made, color can be mixed by any experienced Loconsolo employee.

BDD LM 002
Another example of a Meoded finish used by contractor Louis Mastrangelo at the Black Diamond Development at 34 Maspeth photo credit: Hilary Katzen

“The Venetian plaster dries lighter so when mixing it is important that the color is dried down, checked, and then adjusted if necessary. To mix plaster, it requires a person to know how the tint will affect the color. Since most colors have no specific formula, it is up to the person mixing to use his experience to make the proper decision on what tint and how much of that tint should be used in order to create the perfect color match for a customer. This is why training and most importantly experience play a big part in ensuring you receive the proper color,” said Chiaro.

Loconsolo Paints offers all tools necessary to perform a vast array of applications that can be achieved using any of these products. “Plaster is applied by trowel and/or spatula. In store we carry many different tools to give each plaster application its own unique and original look such as trowels (plastic and steel), spatulas, sponges, and brushes.  Other products can be used during and after application to give a new look, protection, or shine to any venetian plaster job such as rigatto brushes, Hydrowax, and Velature Glaze,” said Chiaro.

To purchase Meoded Products, visit Loconsolo Paints at 371 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn. Business hours are Monday thru Friday, 7 a.m.–5:30 p.m. and Saturday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Ph. 718.384.6595. For more info visit 

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