Baskets of Plenty

CEC 14 basket group 001
Community Education Council District 14 President Tajh Sutton (3rd from left) and Exec. Dir. of Town Square, Susan Anderson (far right) and team help to pack Thanksgiving baskets for families in need within the community.

A symbol of the harvest, the cornucopia or horn of plenty comes from ancient mythology and represents the abundance and nourishment of the season. However, 70% of students in Community Education Council District 14 (D14 CEC) qualify for free or reduced lunch because their families live below the poverty line. The leadership, parents, and school staff of D14 CEC were joined by Uncommon Schools and Town Square BK on November 20th at  Juan Morel Campos High School to bring some holiday plenty to the area’s families in need.

The community brought canned vegetables and fruit, boxes of pasta and cake mix, dried beans, rice, packaged gravy, seasonings and spices, etc. In addition there were frozen turkeys.

CEC 14 baskets 001
Some finished baskets

“We wanted to use the theme of gratefulness connected to Thanksgiving to promote cultural competence by providing support to district 14 families experiencing food and housing insecurity since 70% of our students are eligible for free and reduced lunch and 10% of our students live in temporary housing. We also provided resources related to Native American History Month at the November CEC meeting and encouraged parents to serve a bit of history and solidarity with their turkey this year.” said D14 CEC President Tajh Sutton.

D14 CEC would like to thank: PS 16, PS 23, PS 34, PS 59, Juan Morel Campos, PS 110, IS 318, PS 147, PS 250, MS 126, The Young Womens Leadership School, Williamsburg Collegiate Charter School, Northside Charter School, Uncommon Schools, Town Square BK, the office of Community School District 14, Superintendent Alicja Winnicki, Deputy Superintendent Dawn Best, our parents, our students, our custodial teams and Councilman Robert E Cornegy for your support in collecting and packing our Thanksgiving baskets for district 14 families!

Author: The Greenline

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