Living La Vida Local on a Grand Scale: 53’ tall mural “The Chronicles of New York City” at Domino Park through May 3

JR Art Dom Pk 001_web
The 53’ tall mural, “The Chronicles of New York City” by artist, JR. (The red square indicates the contents in the other picture). Photo credit: Marc Azoulay ©

No two people look at a work of art the same way. This statistic could be blown out of all proportion on viewing “The Chronicles of New York City” the large-scale work by Parisian artist, JR.  Currently on view at Domino Park through May 3, the mural contains 1,128 people (some famous, like Robert De Niro and bandleader Jon Batiste) and city sights like the Empire State Building and the Williamsburg Bridge. It is supported by sixteen shipping containers in a color close to Pantone’s Classic Blue (the 2020 Color of the Year). When the mural is viewed at a particular angle it appears that the actual Williamsburg Bridge is a continuation of itself as it appears in the artwork. The voices of the 1,128 New Yorkers depicted in “The Chronicles of New York City” are also part of the piece as the mural is accompanied by audio recordings of each person’s story.

JR Art Dom Pk cu red sq 001
The section indicated in red in the other photo. Photo credit: Marc Azoulay ©

This public art experience is a coordinated effort of the artist JR, Brooklyn Museum, and LOT-EK (LOT-EK is internationally recognized experts in creating architecture with shipping containers).  Since October 4th, the Brooklyn Museum’s Great Hall has been hosting JR: Chronicles, which also continues through May 3rd. JR’s murals are also on view at Kings Theatre in Flatbush and the Brooklyn Academy of Global Finance in Bedford-Stuyvesant, with more planned for the run of the exhibition. All of the projects on view honor the voices of everyday people and demonstrate JR’s ongoing commitment to community, collaboration, and civic discourse.

The Chronicles of New York City” by JR is on view currently through May 3 at Domino Park, Kent Avenue and South 3rd Street.

Author: The Greenline

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