Puerto Rico Soars on World Read Aloud Day

Brnqua PS 380 students author 001_web
P.S. 380 students were super enthusiastic to have Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, the creator of superhero La Borinqueña, on World Read Aloud Day.

World Read Aloud Day lands in early February. This year St. Nicks Alliance’s afterschool at P.S. 380 had a very special guest on this very special day, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, the creator of superhero LA BORINQUEÑA.

Brnqua PS 380 author 002_web
Graphic novelist, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, presents on his process in creating La Borinqueña to the students of P.S. 380

The students received his book in the morning and were given library time to read the graphic novel plus write down questions they wanted to ask Edgardo during the workshop. As a welcome Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, students created their very own superhero stories and characters. The auditorium was decorated with students work and really helped make the event come to life. We had about 80 students, 10 teachers and 15 parents come to the meet and greet. Miranda-Rodriguez gave a presentation on how he created La Borinqueña.

“The children went home with knowledge of Puerto Rico and the history of the superhero as well they got to meet a famous Latino from their own neighborhood,” said Nector L Santiago, community school director of P.S. 380

Author: The Greenline

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