VOTE! Participatory Budgeting is BACK for District 33

Vote Week: April 5–April 14

NYC Council District 33 brought back Participatory Budgeting in 2021 for expense projects. You may vote online (like Council Member Stephen Levin did in 2016) now through April 14.

Although the NYC Council suspended Participatory Budgeting for capital funding in 2021 due to COVID, Council Member Stephen Levin found a way to bring Participatory Budgeting back to his district (District 33) to fund expense projects.  An expense project fits the following criteria: submissions must be made by groups eligible to receive City funds or have an approved fiscal sponsor; the budget for completed projects must be between $5,000 and $10,000; and projects must be completed within the 2022 fiscal year May 1, 2021, to April 30, 2022)

Since last fall, community members have been working on selecting and refining expense projects that will go to a public vote of residents in District 33 who are 11-years old or older.  You may vote online at through April 14.  There will also be sites to vote in-person on April 10 and 11, location and schedule has yet to be released.  You are allowed to select four projects to be funded by the $30K allotted from the NYC Council budget.

The following projects are those listed on the ballot that are in North Brooklyn.

Fine Arts Studio for Elementary Students at P.S.31 Samuel F. Dupont
Estimated cost: $10,000; Location: P.S. 31, 75 Meserole Ave.
Help elementary students express themselves creatively in a fine arts studio stocked with paint brushes and paints (watercolors, oils, and acrylics), papers and creative media (drawing and textured papers, wood, cards, canvas), mechanical pencils/pens, graphite, charcoal, mixing trays, inks, stools, easels, drafting tables, racks, bins, modeling tools and clay.

Keep Our Trees Healthy
Estimated cost: $6,000; Location: Greenpoint Tree Care, District-wide
Blending tree care, litter collection, and community education, this project will help beautify streets across District 33. Funding will promote the health of our street trees—and our community members!—through regular tree care & litter removal events

Increase Kids’ Book Access & Ownership
Estimated cost: $5,000; Location: Brooklyn Book Bodega, District 33 city parks, and NYCHA housing
Distribute 5,000 books to kids and families. The pandemic has exacerbated learning inequities for kids in District 33. Kids & teens will receive high-interest free books that are theirs to keep. Plus, reading tip sheets to support reading engagement. Books are critical. Children who grow up in homes with 100+ books have better life outcomes.

Help Maintain Our Parks
Estimated cost: $10,000; Location: North Brooklyn Parks Alliance, North Brooklyn
Supporting volunteer stewardship in our parks and playgrounds, through the purchase of supplies and equipment, including plant material, garbage bags, rakes, shovels, and other gardening tool

Family STEM+Art Projects in Brooklyn Parks
Estimated cost: $6,570; Location: BEAM Center, District-wide
Beam Center’s Mobile Workshop (5 Events): Activating imagination & exploring science in the park: tools, tech, crafts, hands-on learning and more! At our Mobile Workshop kids create magical crafts to take home. Designed by NY artists and teens.

Intro to Trade Careers for Our Youth
Estimated cost: $10,000; Location: TownSquare, IS 318 and Williamsburg HS for Architecture and Design
Trades can offer terrific career opportunities: construction, drafting, electricians, plumbing, welding and more. With our partner schools, IS 318 and Williamsburg HS for Architecture & Design, we will hold workshops to introduce students to professionals, unions and companies. We seek to inform, excite and open career opportunities for our youth.

Taylor-Wythe Food Pantry
Estimated cost: $10,000; Location: Los Sures and El Puente, 80 Clymer St. Brooklyn, NY 11211
Los Sures and El Puente are partnering together with volunteers and community residents to establish a consistent food pantry at Taylor-Wythe to address food insecurity in our neighborhood. Funding will allow us to purchase needed equipment, transportation, and supplies to make the food distribution available on a regular basis with fresh produce and other healthy items.

Newtown Creek Street End Cleanups
Estimated cost: $8,500; Location: Newtown Creek Alliance, City-owned street-end areas along Newtown Creek
The project will keep pollution from entering the waterway, enhance ecological function through the management of invasive species and planting of native plants, as well as improve the community’s connection to the Creek. Activities will be overseen by Newtown Creek Alliance staff in conjunction with volunteer events.

Vote Week for Participatory Budgeting is: April 5–April 14. Vote here:

Author: Lori Ann Doyon

Managing editor, head writer, and lead photographer of Greenline | North Brooklyn News since October 2014. Resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 1990.

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