Lorimer Street Not Measuring Up

It’s a matter of inches. Residents Lisa Summa and Tito Pecoraro measure the sidewalk and street foot print for massive MTA proposed Elevator and second stairway to be jammed into tiny sidewalk and dangerous two-way street

Community residents are up in arms about a Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) plan to fast track a huge expansion on Lorimer Street of subway stairs and elevator access to the Metropolitan Ave./Lorimer St. L train station.  Residents Lisa Summa and Tito Pecoraro are among many neighbors who were concerned that the MTA plan is ill conceived and being jammed through without needed public input.

A brief virtual hearing was held by Brooklyn Community Board 1 (CB1) but MTA officials dismissed resident suggestions without providing any documentation or support. CB1’s Transportation Committee has requested additional information from the MTA regarding the infrastructure and traffic studies in addition to stressing the need to eliminate the stairs next to the elevator.  They have yet to receive a response, but hope to hear from the MTA by the next CB1 Transportation Committee meeting on May 4.

“This oversized infrastructure improvement on our tiny corner is a 100-year investment that will be a permanent part of streetscape,” said Lisa Summa whose family has lived nearby the location her entire life.  “We want handicap accessibility but it has to respect the physical limitations of the location.” 

“The MTA has attempted to take their cookie-cutter model intended for larger spaces and jam it on this corner,” said Tito Pecoraro.  He indicated that the MTA has not seemed to consider the environmental, traffic or business impacts of this decision. Shopkeepers fear it will kill businesses that will be blocked by the two-story high structure.

Residents are concerned that they will narrow the two-way street.  “It’s just not appropriate for large protrusions into the street.  Many see this structure as a danger to pedestrians and motorists alike,” said a resident, who wished to remain anonymous.

Author: The Greenline

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