Netflix Nests in Bushwick

Netflix’s new 170,000 sq. ft. production facility at 333 Johnson Avenue will open in September – the Bob Ross image painting the Netflix logo was added to original photo. Photo Credit: Lori Ann Doyon

What does London, Madrid, Seoul, Toronto, and Bushwick have in common?  They are all sites of Netflix production studios.

A deal that was signed in 2019, is soon to became a tangible reality in September 2021.  The former printing facility at 333 Johnson Avenue has been transformed into 170,000 square-feet studio that contains: six full sound stages, multiple editing suites, conference rooms, and a full-service commissary that will partner with local eateries. 

Netflix has pledged to spend more than $100M in NYC and to create thousands of jobs.  In turn, New York State has pledged $4M in tax credits over the next 10 years if contingencies of job creation and retention are met.

As the entertainment industry is ramping up production to pre-pandemic levels, the Netflix studio makes a reassuring statement.  This is echoed by Michael Manas, East Coast and Canada manager of production facilities and operations at Netflix, who said, “It’s such a critical time for industry to say, ‘We’re here, and we’re back.’”

Entrance to Netflix Studios at 333 Johnson Avenue Photo Credit: Lori Ann Doyon

Seeing a potential local economic ripple effect, Leah Archibald, executive director of Evergreen, said, “This is a great location for another soundstage.  We already have so many local manufacturers producing costumes, sets, and props for film and television—any incoming production company will benefit from an existing base of high-quality vendors that can make any custom items they may need quickly and locally.”  Evergreen is a membership organization that champions manufacturing, creative production, and industrial service businesses in North Brooklyn and beyond.

Speaking on the local job growth this new studio could stimulate, Larry Rothchild, director of St. Nicks Alliance Workforce Development said, “St. Nicks Alliance Workforce Development Center partners with local employers who support our vocational training and support our young adults and adults with internships, employment, mentorship, workplace success job readiness training, as guest speakers and providing worksite visits.  The disconnected young adults we serve have a strong interest in exploring career paths in media and technology.  We are excited for the prospect for local media, tech internship, and job placements at Netflix.”

Bushwick is ready for its closeup.

Author: Lori Ann Doyon

Managing editor, head writer, and lead photographer of Greenline | North Brooklyn News since October 2014. Resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 1990.

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