A Most Wonderful Time of the Year for Capri Jet!

Celebrating Company Success, Supporting Local Businesses, and Santa Visit

By Jessie Lookfong

Da Francesco’s Restaurant (Agent’s Appreciation Party) with Jessie Lookfong, Agata Landa, Michael Bifalco, Thomas Horodecki, Robert Napolitano, Francesco Belviso, and Ally Asanbaeva

With the holidays just around the corner, it is Capri Jet Realty’s favorite time of the year. The company’s founder, Robert Napolitano, and his agents wholeheartedly embrace the holiday spirit because it is the perfect time to remind their clients and local community how much they mean to Capri Jet Realty. Even though this year is ending, the celebrations are just beginning. Mr. Napolitano prides himself in throwing elaborate appreciation dinners during the holidays for his agents, friends, family, and long-time clients.

Agata Landa& Jessie Lookfong ready to toast their clients

On November 14, Capri Jet Realty’s sales manager, Jessie Lookfong and top agent, Agata Landa, organized and hosted an exclusive event at the office for their closest female clients to show support for their local businesses. “We just wanted to create a space where like-minded women like us can spend time together and to show support,” says Ms. Lookfong. Over twenty highly regarded clients attended the event and purchased an abundance of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings from Renata from Touchstone Crystal, a local Greenpoint jeweler.

 Jessie Lookfong & Agata Landa with their local clients during the celebration of women in local businesses event.

Later that same week, on November 18, Mr. Napolitano hosted an appreciation dinner for his twenty-plus agents at Da Francesco’s Restaurant on Graham Avenue. He acknowledges how hard his agents work and makes it a point to show that he does not take the company’s success for granted.  It is important for him as well as the sales manager to foster a work environment that motivates the agents to be continue successful and take their career to the next level.

Capri Jet Realty also looks forward to hosting their annual community event on Saturday, December 11when Santa comes to visit all the children in Williamsburg. In addition, Capri Jet Realty are proud sponsors of St. Nick’s Alliance and is participating in this year’s annual Holiday Food Drive for the less fortunate. Let us all be nice and not naughty this season and make your way over to 533 Metropolitan Avenue for some holiday gifts for the kids or to drop-off canned foods for the Food Drive. Wednesday December 15, marks Capri Jet Realty’s Annual Client Appreciation Dinner at Vetro’s Restaurant in Howard Beach. Due to last year’s pandemic, Capri Jet Realty was unable to throw a celebration for their loyal clients, so this year is going to be extra special. Mr. Napolitano hints that, “It is going to be better than ever!”

For the past thirty years, the boutique real estate agency in Williamsburg has enjoyed a longstanding stellar reputation for their in-depth market knowledge and exceptional customer service, while also taking an active role in the Brooklyn community. Owner Robert Napolitano knows that his business continues to flourish due to faithful clients and for that he is grateful. “I have always been blessed to have good people surround me,” he says.

The saying goes, “Good people are hard to find,” but let us be clear: Good people are not hard to find at Capri Jet Realty. The end of the year is the best time to reflect on past achievements, show appreciation to those who contribute to one’s success, and set goals for the upcoming year to propel each other forward. 

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