A Survey the DOE Learns From

Deadline March 25, 2022

NYC School Survey Citywide Results for school year 2020/21 chart for most requested school improvement by families.

In mid-February Schools Chancellor David C. Banks today launched the 16th annual NYC School Survey. The feedback captured by this survey helps school leaders understand what the community thinks about the learning environment at their school and informs improvements to schools and programs.  The survey is available online at NYCSchoolSurvey.org in ten languages for students in grades 6–12, families, and teachers.  The deadline to complete is March 25.  Families can also request a hard copy of the survey from their school. 

“New York City schools can only succeed when we elevate the voices of students and families in our decision-making, which is why family and community partnerships are one of my four core pillars. The annual NYC School Survey is an important opportunity for us to hear from our students, families and educators,” said Schools Chancellor David C. Banks.

An access code is needed to participate in the survey.  Parents and students receive their access codes from their school.  Teachers receive their codes from the school’s survey coordinator. Results from the survey are included in each school’s School Quality Snapshot available online.  You can search for a school by name and school year. NOTE: Due to COVID-19, ratings are not available for any schools for the 2019–20 and 2020–21 school years. You can also see a citywide view of 2021’s survey data and archived data from previous years at: https://infohub.nyced.org/reports/school-quality/nyc-school-survey/survey-archives.  Survey response rates from all categories plunged in 2020, in 2021 there was a modest uptick from student and teacher participation, but family participation was still on the decline.

Author: The Greenline

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