Loyal Literacy Hero: The Guru Krupa Foundation

The Guru Krupa Foundation (GKF) has supported the BK Story Voyager since 2019.  This foundation’s support has continued to grow, and this year they have expanded their support with a $75K grant.

The Long Island-based foundation has been recognized for their generosity toward supporting those less fortunate.  Children and education are frequent foci of Guru-Krupa’s generosity as they provide support for books, and educational programs (including arts in schools) here in the US, as well as support for non-profit schools in India. They also provide support for basic human needs by supporting food pantries in the United States and orphanages and old age homes in India.

The BK Story Voyager has been inspiring a lifelong love of literacy since it launched in 2016.  This large shiny purple bus can be seen at several North Brooklyn public schools as part of St. Nicks Alliance’s afterschool, in addition to appearing at local events.  Not only does it serve as a mobile library, the BK Story Voyager also has multimedia tools and other educational provisions.

GKF’s intention behind their grant is to help improve literacy and address the learning loss of 2,000+ Kindergarten to 5th grade students participating in St. Nicks Alliance’s afterschool centers, summer and holiday camps.

Students can’t wait to find their next book to read in the BK Story Voyager

“Education is one of our priorities because it is one the most powerful tools to help alleviate poverty, eliminate discrimination and create balance in an unequal world. For many years, St Nicks Alliance has been providing literacy development support to children and youth in North Brooklyn. This support is particularly important now, as COVID-19 schooling restrictions have taken a serious toll on children’s learning,” said Mukund Padmanabhan, founder of the Guru Krupa Foundation.

Debra Sue Lorenzen, director of St. Nicks Alliance Youth and Education, said, “We are deeply grateful to the Guru Krupa Foundation for their commitment to the youth of North Brooklyn. Their invaluable and flexible support will enable St. Nicks Alliance to expand our already vital literacy initiatives and tailor these services to help mitigate learning loss due to the pandemic and remote learning.”

Author: The Greenline

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