Land Use in NYC Council District 34

NYC Council Member Jennifer Gutiérrez has long been an advocate for tenants’ rights and affordable housing.  Here she is speaking  at Attorney General Letitia James’s press conference that announced a settlement for tenants from their landlord.

On November 21, NYC Council Member Jennifer Gutiérrez published the Land Use Policy for District 34. This policy seeks to ensure that any potential development proposals minimize direct or indirect displacement of existing affordable housing units. The overview states, “any proposed projects should consider and address impacts on local infrastructures, such as creating new publicly accessible open spaces, including bike parking or capital improvements to surrounding bike infrastructure, maximizing green building and sustainability infrastructure.  All proposals should include a willingness to meaningfully work with the community to identify the needs of the district and the local area and design a proposal that will reflect and incorporate those needs. This includes ensuring language access, doing proactive outreach and surveys as well as meeting with local CBOs.”

The policy is protective of maintaining and growing affordable housing.  “Proposals should not incur any net loss of existing affordable housing or rent-stabilized units. Maximize deeply affordable housing at 50% AMI and below in order to create opportunities for those with the greatest need, who have been increasingly displaced in District 34. Proposals to develop 100% affordable housing with HPD subsidies and maximize deeply affordable housing (especially with dedicated units for unhoused and senior individuals) are encouraged and provide a stronger rationale for residential use and a potential increase in density. This should include building community partnerships with established mission-driven CBO’s to better ensure long-term affordability and units that meet the needs of local residents.

For the full plan go to:

In 1989, the NYC Council was given its land use powers and created the Land Use Committee and the Land Use Division.

“As your City Council Member, I am working to ensure that future development in the district is inclusive and balanced, with truly affordable housing, preservation of our industrial sector, community-serving uses, and opportunities for jobs and entrepreneurship that are open to all. This document serves as a guide for any future rezoning and construction in District 34, grounded in an understanding that we will only consider equitable developments that strengthen the existing community. We expect developers and city agencies to work collaboratively with us and the local community to craft proposals that are reflective of these values and principles prior to commencing the formal ULURP review process,” NYC Council Member Jennifer Gutiérrez stated in the preface to the policy.

Author: The Greenline

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