Tracking Street Cleaners

NYC Council Member Sandy Nurse during December 21 session of NYC Council when her sponsored bill passed that will allow street sweeper vehicles to be tracked and data to be collected.  Photo credit: John McCarten NYC Council Media Unit

In December 2022’s issue we opened a poll to gather insight on how the North Brooklyn community viewed street cleaning on their street.

Did people think their streets were cleaned enough? Not enough? And if not enough, why weren’t streets getting cleaned?

Here is a summary of the feedback we received:

  • Is your street cleaned on schedule per the Alternate Side Parking (ASP) signs:
    56% said YES, 44% said NO
  • We asked those who said NO if they reported the lack of street cleaning to 311.
    33.333% said YES, 66.667% said NO
  • Is your street cleaned enough:
    52% YES, 48% NO
    55.56% of those who said YES, said their street was cleaned on schedule according to the ASP signs.
    50% of those who said NO, said the street cleaners can’t clean because too many times cars have parked, which ignore the ASP rules.

On December 21, NYC Council Member Sandy Nurse posted on social media that her sponsored bill: Intro 630 had passed and awaits Mayor Adams signature.

Intro 630 requires the Department of Sanitation (DSNY) to equip street sweepers with global positioning system (GPS) technology and ensure that such technology is functioning during street cleaning operations. The bill would also require DSNY to publish and maintain a page on its website that allows the public to track and confirm the completion of street cleanings, using data from GPS devices installed on street sweepers. This bill would also require DSNY to submit biannual reports for two years on street cleanings to the mayor and the NYC Council speaker and post the reports on the DSNY website.

Author: The Greenline

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