Local Cub Scout Leader Is Newly Published Novelist

Scout Leader Author 01GL
Scout Leader Author 01: Gerard Crepeau at a book signing of his novel Maxzymum Max And The Krion

Gerard Crepeau, a local Cub Scout Leader for forty six years, has recently become an author. His novel, Maxzymum Max And The Krion, has been read in fifteen states.


What is your novel about?

Gerard Crepeau

Andy Walker, a physically challenged boy, who is a whiz at a new video game, finds out that the game is actually a detection device to find a lost Medallion used by a galactic space ranger, in his search to find human looking androids trying to take over Earth. Andy finds the medallion and it attunes itself to him, and gives him enhanced abilities–the medallion has chosen Andy to be the replacement for MAX, the original owner. Like it or not, he must now assume the title of “Krion Bearer”, and deal with the androids that are out to eliminate him.


How long did it take you to write it?

Gerard Crepeau

The original write took a little over two years. The rewrites, to get it be what it wanted it to be, took another two years.


What was the hardest part in writing your novel?

Gerard Crepeau

I wrote it to entice the youth of our neighborhood to read more instead of spending so much time playing video games–that’s why I chose this particular theme. But I also wanted to have a story that adults would enjoy as well. I succeeded in that goal, as many adults have read and enjoyed the book.


Do you plan on writing any other novels?

Gerard Crepeau

Yes. I currently have a sequel to this story, which I hope will be completed during this summer. I also have another novel in the works as well.

End of Q and A

Gerard has worked with hundreds of other Cub Scout Leaders and thousands of local boys over  the past years. His book reflects some of his experiences.  It is fast paced, enjoyable and has  been acclaimed by readers from 8 to 80 years of age. A number of people have compared it to Harry Potter. Check out the reviews on Amazon books. The novel is available there for under $8.00.

The author  is the Cub Master at Francis of Paola Cub Scouts, on the corner of Humboldt and Conselyea. He also has copies available and will personally sign them. He is there every Monday from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM. He invites you to come down.

Also if you know any boys interested in joining Scouts they are welcome to come as well, and visit for a few meetings, to see if they like the program. It is open to ALL boys–absolutely no restrictions on the boys or their parents.

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