By Capri Jet Realty


Capri Jet Realty, a full-service boutique real estate brokerage firm on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg, has been a North Brooklyn mainstay for over 25 years. The company was founded by industry veteran Robert Napolitano, an extremely knowledgeable hands-on broker with three generations of Williamsburg family roots and deep ties in his local community.

Capri Jet has long enjoyed a stellar reputation for in-depth market insight, superior customer service, and outstanding relationships with clients, landlords, owners and developers in North Brooklyn. Napolitano and his skilled team have a strong vested interest in their local market, as well as in the success of their clients and the top-tier agents who inevitably become part of the Capri Jet family. Napolitano oversees all transactions closely, capitalizing on his wealth of knowledge and attentive approach to bring value to clients and get deals done.

Everyone at Capri Jet is hand-picked, highly experienced and totally dedicated. Associates are always empathetic to the fact that a client’s time, and the smallest details, are of utmost importance – particularly Napolitano’s expert assistants, Sales Associate Samantha Sinkevitch and Associate Real Estate Broker/Sales Manager Alina Naliuka, who make certain that each move is prompt and well executed. It’s no wonder that the firm enjoys a consistent stream of referrals and repeat business from loyal clients who trust them implicitly to sell their prized property for top dollar, or find their next dream home quickly.

Capri Jet’s team of well trained, professional agents is no accident. Napolitano ensures that they receive the information, tools, resources and support needed to do the best job possible. Each year, agents attend the National Association of Realtors Convention, where renowned speakers host training sessions. What’s more, well-known trainer Joe Meyer is retained to hold in-house sessions twice a month, in addition to the ongoing training offered throughout the year. Napolitano believes that keeping up to date on the market and latest techniques guarantees a smooth transaction for each of his company’s satisfied clients.

Capri Jet is comprised of over two dozen multilingual experts in the real estate field who speak fluent English, German, Italian, Russian, Belorussian, Polish, Peruvian, Spanish and Portuguese, enabling them to relate to the needs of a diverse international clientele that is so prevalent in the melting pot of New York City. Currently the firm is currently seeking one dynamic agent to join its special team. As Napolitano puts it, “We hire selectively, train extensively, market aggressively, and reward handsomely.” Interested candidates should contact him at: (718) 388-2188 or email:

Capri Jet provides comprehensive real estate services in the residential, commercial, investment and new development sales/rentals sectors throughout North Brooklyn. Napolitano also manages over 50 properties which are mainly located in Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

Offering an unequalled client experience, Capri Jet is a home-grown local real estate agency that is continually sought-after for its expertise and track record for selling homes at the highest price in the least amount of time.

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