Skilled Build at St Nicks Alliance Workforce Development – Your Priority Access to Local Quality Construction Jobs

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You can’t help notice all the construction in North Brooklyn these days; it seems that every vacant lot is being filled, and every other existing building renovated.  If you have also wondered “How can I get a job on one of these construction sites?”, read on.

One of the largest projects underway is the redevelopment of the Domino Sugar Plant on Kent Avenue by Two Trees.  Two Trees is committed to hiring local workers and has supported St Nicks Alliance Workforce Development in developing Skilled Build.  Skilled Build will recruit experienced and local construction workers, and train un- and under-employed residents in construction and arm them with the necessary credentials to fill these new jobs.  Priority is for Community Board 1 residents but Skilled Build is open to all Brooklyn residents.

Two Trees broke ground last Spring on the 325 Kent Avenue site, completing demolition and now well into the excavation phase.  As the project enters physical construction – the Superstructure phase – the number of entry-level laborer and skilled construction workers jobs has racheted up and both Two Trees and their sub-contractors are in need of workers, local workers.  If this is the career for you, reach out to St Nicks Alliance at 718 302-2057 ext 231

If you are an experienced union or non-union construction worker, jobs are available now and St Nicks Alliance will assess your skills and job readiness, update your credentials as needed, help revamp your resume and, most importantly, match you to available openings.

For those without significant construction experience but ready to take on the challenge, Skilled Build will offer its first 5-week training cycle in early January with recruiting, screening and enrollment conducted throughout December.

To be successful, training candidates must have prior physical work experience, have at least an 8th grade math and reading level, be substance-free, be physically fit, able to commit to the full term of the training and committed to workplace safety.

The Skilled Build program was developed in conjunction with Two Trees and other construction employers and taps the decade-long experience St Nicks Alliance has in offering employer-linked, sector-based skills training.  We have trained and placed over 850 Environmental Remediation Techs, 500 truck drivers and 50 Pest Control Techs in that time in quality jobs with average starting wages close to $15/hour.

Construction at the former Domino Sugar site is slated to take a decade and ultimately culminating in 2300 apartments, 500,000 square feet of commercial space, a new school and public amenities and open space.  Phase 1 will result in 500 rental apartments and run through 2017.  Skilled Build is also supporting other major developments in North Brooklyn including the redevelopment of the former Rheingold Brewery site in Bushwick.

Author: The Greenline

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