Actualize Your Goals for the New Year

Local Life Coach, Theresa Conti Helps You Create a Vision Board

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The New Year is a goal setting and resolution making time of year. Williamsburg resident Theresa Conti (a Certified Life Coach for over 25 years) has offered her insights on using a productive mind exercise to hone in on the dreams you’d like to fulfill. In the following she guides you on how to create a vision board.

 Reconnect to Your Dreams and Create a Life You Love!

“When you believe it, you’ll see it.” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Do you have a dream you would like to pursue, but for some reason, have been holding back? Do you tell yourself you’re too old, don’t have the energy, resources, time, or skills to attain your vision? Or you aren’t sure what your vision is?
The quote by Wayne Dyer tells us that in order to have our dreams materialize, we must first believe they are possible to achieve.

When we doubt our dreams are feasible or when we believe they can come true, either way we’re right! “Our beliefs result in self-fulfilling prophecies,” Robert Merton, the sociologist who coined the term, said!

So why not start the New Year by discarding the thoughts that hold you back and set your sites on creating the future you want? It begins with the process of visioning.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Magazines
  2. Glue stick
  3. Scissors
  4. Tag board

Step 1:

To begin, close your eyes and imagine living your best life. Choose what elements would you want to include:  A relationship, work that you love, financial security, world travel, perfect health? Focus on what you want, rather than what others think you should be, do or have. If it’s difficult to visualize, think about what you would like to include.

Step 2:

Next, leaf through your magazines and cut out pictures, symbols, and words that typify what you want to create. Focus on the feeling the images convey. Our emotions are powerful and affect our decisions, motivation, and actions.

Step 3:  Paste the images on the tag board in whatever order or fashion gives you a sense of energy and pleasure.

When ready, hang your Vision Board someplace where you will see it. It will act on your subconscious and help you create your desires.

Note: You can create one Vision Board, which represents various aspects of your life, like the one in the photo, or create several Vision Boards, each highlighting a specific area.

Pursuing our dreams and goals enlivens us and creates joy and balance in our lives. When in alignment with our dreams, we feel energized, happy, and fulfilled. However, when we neglect our dreams, we may feel tired, angry, and frustrated and cut ourselves off from the blessings that are ours to enjoy and experience.

Skeptical? Research has shown that mental imagery primes the brain for success. And, Olympic athletes have been using it for decades to enhance their performance. (1)

Why not give it a try? What have you got to lose?

©Theresa Conti

Theresa Conti is a freelance writer and Certified Life Coach with a passion for helping her clients reconnect to and realize their dreams. Contact her at to schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation and try coaching out! Visit her website at


(1) Reference: Psychology Today, Seeing Is Believing: The Power of Visualization, December 3, 2009.







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