You Can’t Be Meek to Cross Meeker

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Typical scene where Meeker crosses Metropolitan, a truck stopped over the crosswalk, making it extra dangerous for pedestrians to navigate across this street.

Meeker Avenue is double trouble.  It’s a street divided by the BQE and the eager traffic exiting and entering that highway make it a hazardous cross for cyclists and pedestrians.

On December 15th, Assemblyman Joseph R. Lentol (D-North Brooklyn) announced that improvements will be coming to Meeker Avenue. New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) responded to the Assemblyman’s letter dated May 8th that safety improvements are in the works for Meeker Avenue.

The letter specifically requested a pedestrian crossing on Meeker Avenue and Skillman Avenue and requested an investigation of the notoriously hazardous conditions on Meeker Avenue.

“I have received countless complaints from constituents over the years about the unsafe nature of Meeker Avenue,” said Lentol. “Many people treat it like the BQE, which is right above. I have witnessed people going at least 50 miles per hour up and down Meeker Avenue. It is time we see safety improvements along this roadway to slower drivers down, and ultimately, save lives.”

DOT’s response cited forthcoming improvements of shorter crosswalks, wider sidewalks, improved signal timing, and clear lane designations. The proposed improvement plan for Meeker Avenue, as a whole, was created by DOT’s Pedestrian Projects Group after a field investigation of Meeker Avenue and Skillman Avenue. DOT is tentatively scheduled to present this safety proposal to Community Board 1’s Full Board on January 12, 2016.

“Along with McGuinness Boulevard, Meeker Avenue is one of the most dangerous streets in my district. It has unsafe sightlines, a limited number of crosswalks, and several unusual intersections, which really make it a recipe for disaster. I look forward to DOT’s proposals to improve pedestrian, motorist and cyclist safety on this roadway. Safety improvements are welcomed additions to North Brooklyn’s exponentially growing population. It is very simple. With more pedestrians and cyclists in the area we need more improvements to ensure their safety. I applaud the DOT for stepping to the plate.” Lentol concluded.

Author: The Greenline

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