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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Put the emphasis on “Read” because the “it” is: NYC Reads 365, a new multi-year and citywide literacy effort to promote a city that reads every day. Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña started the buzz when she introduced NYC Reads 365 in November. “Reading opens doors and expands opportunities for our children, in and out of the classroom. As we give New York City students and families resources to make daily reading a reality in their lives, I know we are going to be a better city for it,” stated Fariña

NYC Reads 365’s mission is to motivate New Yorkers to read every single day and to develop a new generation of readers.  This means reading beyond the daily emails, texts, menus, etc. , and by reading

To encourage the next generation of readers the NYC Reads website has separate reading lists for each grade from Pre-K to 6th grade and afterward the lists are targeted for 2-year increments:  7th & 8th, 9th & 10th, and 11th & 12th. The DOE is working with the New York, Brooklyn, and Queens Public Libraries to ensure that the texts on the reading lists are available throughout the city.

Reading coaches are another facet of NYC Reads 365. Beginning in spring, reading coaches will be sought out, trained, and then placed in high-needs schools for next fall. It is projected that by the fall of 2018 reading coaches will be assigned to all elementary schools.

“We all know that reading must take place beyond the classroom – in our students’ local libraries and of course, inside their homes,” said Deputy Chancellor Phil Weinberg. “As a former English teacher, I know daily reading holds a transformative power. It accelerates progress in student learning and empowers students to know they can think for themselves. Reading prepares them for a lifetime of learning.”
Hop on the Reading Express!

St. Nicks Alliance is ramping up its efforts to promote a love of reading and improved literacy skills for North Brooklyn’s children.  Beginning in January 2016, St Nicks Alliance’s impressive 40-foot-long mobile lending library, the BK Story Voyager, will travel twice monthly to designated afterschool sites.  With activities inside and outside the bus will allow youth to experience literature in highly creative ways. Storytime, music, art, digital media, and other engaging activities will be designed to stimulate children’s enjoyment of books, their creativity, and their reading comprehension.

“The novelty of this beautifully designed and interactive bus will make children’s library experiences highly anticipated and memorable,” stated Debra Sue Lorenzen, St. Nicks Alliance’s Director of Youth and Education.  “Children will associate the excitement of their visits with the excitement of reading.”

For their reading pleasure, children can borrow from an initial, and still to grow, collection of 5,000 books.  The multicultural collection will include award-winning books of diverse genres and favorite contemporary authors as well as the New York City Department of Education’s Read 365 lists.  In addition to the lending library, children will have the opportunity to build their personal libraries with book giveaways.

Book donations will be accepted at designated dates and times, still to be scheduled, throughout the year.   A public ribbon-cutting is scheduled for February 5th at Public School 34. The BK Story Voyager was made possible through the participatory budgeting process in District 33, represented by Council Member Stephen Levin. Operating expenses are subsidized by Waste Management and St. Nicks Alliance’s annual Touch a Truck event.

Reading resources and updated reading lists are found on the NYC Reads 365 website:

For more information on the BK Story Voyager or to contribute to its operation go to:


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