BK Story Voyager Special Section: Literacy Journey by Bus

BKSV ds on bus wcThe BK Story Voyager is part of St. Nicks Alliance’s greater effort to help every child in North Brooklyn to grow into literate community members.  We strive for each child to be a passionate reader and inspired writer, a keen listener and articulate speaker.

The BK Story Voyager, St. Nicks Alliance’s new mobile library in February 2016, starts its journey to inspire North Brooklyn’s children to love books and improve literacy.  The BK Story Voyager is a flagship of St. Nicks Alliance literacy focused afterschool centers. The mission of the BK Story Voyager is to inspire, stimulate and improve the literacy of North Brooklyn’s children.

The mobile library is scheduled to make bi-weekly visits throughout the year to eight St. Nicks Alliance’s afterschool and community centers, with a concentration in the NABE 3.0 area.  At the centers, children already benefit from reading and writing instruction, family literacy workshops,and academic and non-academic supports.

The BK Story Voyager offers an inspirational book selection and experience with links to schools, afterschool libraries, and a broader learning and reading community. Children can also learn about books and reading through the BK Story Voyager’s website. Young people who are members of the BK Story Voyager can tell their friends all about the books they have read through the interactive website, where they can see more books, write book reviews, engage in thematic literacy games and other fun activities!

The BK Story Voyager adds a specially designed curriculum featuring a wide range of fun book-related activities. Librarian Shelly Paus is planning literacy-based read alouds, creative play, music, art, games and multimedia activities.  An incentive program (including book giveaways) encourages youth to borrow (and return) books. All activities draw on a range of strategies to support fundamental reading comprehension skills, with the goal of ensuring that participants achieve grade level, advance to subsequent grades, and ultimately make a successful transition to middle school.

Beyond these regularly scheduled visits, the BK Story Voyager is expected to tour to public, family-friendly events in Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Bushwick throughout the year.  Families can also get involved by making donations to BK Story Voyager book drives on designated dates, to be announced.

St. Nicks Alliance hosts four afterschool centers in school district 14 including five community centers. Reading and writing development are an exciting component of the afterschool centers, which include stimulating enrichment, arts, recreation and much fun and excitement.


Author: Lori Ann Doyon

Managing editor, head writer, and lead photographer of Greenline | North Brooklyn News since October 2014. Resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 1990.

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