Treat Yourself To Love

By Theresa Conti, Certified Life Coach

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Are you tired of being alone, but don’t know how to go about finding your soul mate? Does the thought of dating make you shudder or retreat to your couch to watch reruns of your favorite TV shows?

We all desire love. It’s as natural as breathing. We were born to thrive and loving is a necessary component. But we often shelter ourselves and hold back from taking the risk that would lead us to greater happiness and fulfillment.

If you’ve been hiding out, it’s time to try something new and expand your horizons. Here are seven tools, which act like seeds, to help you sprout new roots and blossom:

  1. When looking for true love, the first step in the process is learning to love yourself. Appreciate who you are and honor your gifts and talents. You will become magnetic and attract people who resonate on your level. You will also be inclined to select a partner who respects and treats you well.
  2. Having a partner with similar interests is essential for a thriving relationship. Take note of the activities that bring you joy and are important for you to share. The list will help you choose someone with whom you are well suited.
  3. Are you calm and patient? Energetic and active? Quiet and reflective? Choosing a partner with a similar temperament will improve your ability to understand and relate to each other.
  4. Brainstorm a list of qualities you want in partner to ensure a fulfilling relationship. Then prioritize your list and pick the top 10 attributes as your “must have’s.” Kindness, generosity and good communication are three potential examples.
  5. Do the same for characteristics that turn you off and are your top 10 deal- breakers. Swearing, addictions, and self-centeredness are three possible examples.
  6. Review your list of interests and choose something you’ve wanted to do, but have been afraid to try, and do it. Pick something small enough to get you started, but big enough to stretch you, than build on your success. Doing what you love provides opportunities to meet others who share mutual interests.
  7. Have fun with the process and don’t be attached to outcomes.

Wishing you a love-filled journey!

© Theresa Conti 2016

Williamsburg resident Theresa Conti is a freelance writer and Certified Life Coach with a passion for helping her clients reconnect to and realize their dreams. Contact her at to schedule a 30-minute consultation and try coaching out. Visit her website at




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