Northside Innovation 2016

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A few years back Williamsburg decided to start its own version of SXSW called the Northside Festival. There are three different and distinct parts of this festival. There is the music, and this year’s festival closed with Brian Wilson doing Pet Sounds in McCarren Park. There is the Innovation part, where speakers that are movers and shakers in tech and entrepreneurship give lectures. Northside Festival provides a schedule in catalogue form so you can find the topic and expert that is your cup of innovation motivation tea.

The Innovation Expo and Williamsburg Walks are also part of the Northside Festival. Germany, Holland, and Switzerland all had booths at the Expo. Last year Switzerland had a virtual flying simulator, and this year they had a St. Bernard from BedStuy named Charlie. I’m in the minority probably, but I preferred Charlie.

This festival seems to be growing exponentially. The line-up for the Innovation badges took nearly an hour to get through, and this was a mid-week midmorning line-up.

Author: The Greenline

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