Park countdown

BBP Adams (left) is first to change the Bushwick Inlet Park Countdown clock, which counts down the days Norm Brodsky has to accept Mayor de Blasio’s $100M offer for his land. Congresswoman Caroline Maloney (center) Scott Fraser, founder of Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park (right)

10: Ten times ten million dollars (or $100M) that is what Mayor de Blasio offered Norm Brodsky for his scorched Citi Storage property. If Brodsky agrees, this 11-acre parcel of land will pretty much make the Bushwick Inlet Park (BIP) 11-year-old promise good. Back in 2005, more park space was part of the deal to rezone Williamsburg and Greenpoint’s waterfront for residential towers.

9: June 9th was when Mayor de Blasio sent the offer of $100M to Norm Brodsky. In the ninth paragraph of the letter the mayor said to Mr. Brodsky, “You are recognized in the Greenpoint and Williamsburg communities as being philanthropic, caring about open space, and as giving back to the community.” Mr. Brodsky’s reply was “Nein”

8: 8 a.m. The time each morning that a VIP BIP supporter will change the number on the countdown clock located on Kent Avenue and North 14th. This countdown marks the remaining time Brodsky has to accept Mayor de Blasio’s $100M offer. The offer expires on 08.08.16.

7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1: when added together add up to 28. 28 acres was to be set aside to create the Bushwick Inlet Park. This park’s present size is 17 acres.

Official unveiling of the countdown clock was held 8 a.m. on June 17th. This set the clock to 52 days left of the 60-day time limit. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams was the choice to put up the first numbers because, as Scott Fraser (founder of Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park) revealed, Adams came up with the idea at the press conference given after the announcement of Mayor de Blasio’s deal.

Before unveiling the clock banner, BBP Adams said, “We are going to start a series of campaigns to let residents know that the clock is ticking. This [countdown clock] will allow the entire community as they drive by on Kent Avenue as they walk on North 1st, 4th, 14th, as they see this area we want to remind them that the clock is going to run out of time if [Broadsky] doesn’t do the right thing in time, and that is take the $100M and allow the park to move forward.”

Also in attendance was Congresswoman Maloney said, “This is not just a promise this was a negotiated deal, this was a trade, this community and their elected officials supported the upzoning of the community in exchange for a 28 acre park. The last remaining 11 acres is what the city is negotiating to purchase for a $100M for a property that was bought for less than $10M.” Maloney went on to invite the press to the July 9th Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park are having a sleepover, they will sleep in the park.

Scott Fraser started the chant, “Let’s make a deal!” as the countdown banner was revealed. It was chanted not as a demand but more like an invitation to Mr. Brodsky.

The countdown clock is located on Kent Avenue and North 14th Street. Each morning at 8 a.m. there will be a series of significant supporters of the park will post the new number until August 8, the deadline for the Mayor’s offer.

Author: The Greenline

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