Spotlight on schools

Hear the latest news from North Brooklyn schools.

P.S. 18 Edward Bush

101 Maujer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Principal: Alison Alexander

This year there are a lot of great things happening at the Edward Bush School. The school’s gymnasium and lunchroom area are being renovated thanks to a $300,000 grant received from Councilmember Antonio Reynoso’s office. The building has a new modern look. Our Spanish Dual Language program expanded to Kindergarten and 1st grade offering all of our students in those grades the opportunity to become biliterate. We are looking forward to expanding the program to 2nd grade next year. Our biggest enhancement is the technology upgrades we have received this year. The Edward Bush School has received a $200,000 technology upgrade through Participatory Budgeting and a $200,000 STEM grant from the Office of the Brooklyn Borough President, Eric L. Adams. With these two grants, all classrooms will have flat-panel SmartBoards; the school’s computer lab will be updated with new computers and 3D printers; and every classroom will have access to a portable STEM cart! Technology will be infused throughout our curriculum with a focus on STEM education.

Also new this year, all students participate in the arts through our drama and visual arts program. Our partnership with St. Nicks Alliance continues and we are able to offer community school services to our families and an afterschool program for students in Kindergarten through 5th grades. The Edward Bush School offers a small, intimate learning environment where students receive a well-rounded educational experience that prepares them to meet the demands of middle school and beyond. At the Edward Bush School, we believe that high expectations of today, nurture successful citizens of tomorrow. If you are interested in learning more about our school, please contact us for a personal tour.

P.S. 34 Oliver Hazard Perry Est. 1867

131 Norman Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Principal: Carmen Asselta

PS 34 is a high performing, award winning school in the heart of Greenpoint. In 2012, it received the National Blue Ribbon for Academic Excellence. As an Eco school, children from Pre-K to 5Th grade take part in experiences to learn about taking care of the environment and their role in adopting a lifestyle which promotes stewardship of the earth. Students learn from a rich curriculum that encourages critical thinking and analysis in problem solving. All students take part in various enrichment programs such as dance and movement, music, visual arts, STEM, chess, and Lego Robotics. Children are also offered the opportunity to become bilingual in NYC’s First Polish Dual Language Program. Many families utilize the after school services of the School Settlement Program. School tours are scheduled monthly. See our website for details.

P.S. 250 George H. Lindsay

108 Montrose Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Principal: RoseAnn LaCioppa

The Williamsburg Magnet School for Communications & Multimedia Arts @ PS 250 is a beautiful and diverse mosaic that firmly believes every child is a unique work of art. Our goal as a professional learning community is to provide each of our students with an educational program that is rigorous, challenging, creative and inspiring. Our specialized programs afford PS 250 students the opportunity to further explore the magnet theme of Communications and Multimedia arts within a focused curriculum area. Enrichment and instructional programs offered at our institution include:

  • Literacy
  • Science
  • Visual Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Performing Arts
  • Chinese/English Dual Language Program
  • “Leader In Me”
  • Full Day Pre-Kindergarten Program
  • Core Knowledge Grades K-2
  • Expeditionary Learning Grades 3-5

PS 250 recognizes the vital and crucial role that our families play in the academic success of our students. It is our belief that engaging parents in a professional learning environment, ongoing community events and effective communication, will play a major role in our students reaching their full potential.

M.S. 577/Conselyea Prep

208 North 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Principal: Maria Masullo

Middle School 577 is proud to celebrate another successful opening to the 2016-2017 school year. The aura in the classrooms and hallways are filled with excitement and positivity. As we continue to look ahead into the school year, we are excited to launch The Leader in Me character education program which will continue to build the school culture at MS577 as well as assist in the development of our young adolescence into tomorrow’s leaders. As education progresses we will continue to integrate S.T.E.M. into of our classrooms with the assistance of being the recipient of the Brooklyn Borough President’s technology grant. Critical thinking is embedded in our classrooms and will assist our students in becoming lifelong learners.

Unity Preparatory Charter School of Brooklyn

432 Monroe Street Brooklyn , NY 11221
(718) 455-5046
Chief of Staff: Mr. Hemanth Venkataraman

Unity Preparatory graduated its first 8th grade cohort in June 2016 with approximately 115 graduates. The school expanded into high school in September 2016 with its first 9th grade class of approximately 100 students. Unity has created strong, lasting relationships with its founding families, and more than 70% of them continued onto Unity High School. Many other graduates continued onto top high schools such as Brooklyn Tech, Medgar Evers Prep, and Bedford Academy. Our partnership with St. Nicks Alliance has expanded our already comprehensive Middle School enrichment program. In the fall of 2016, Unity’s middle school students are participating in 19 different after school enrichment activities, including competitive sports teams such as wrestling, cheerleading, volleyball, and soccer, and elective clubs such as hip hop dance, film making, culinary arts, and musical instruments. Unity’s high school also has multiple athletics teams and elective clubs in place.

Unity students continue to demonstrate great growth in proficiency in ELA and Mathematics. After ranking #8 out of over 1,200 elementary and middle schools in New York City in growth on the state math exam in 2014-15, the school focused on literacy in 2015-16, incorporating a school-wide program known as the Leveled Literacy Intervention to help students grow by multiple reading levels. Unity’s graduating 8th grade class of 2016 outperformed the local district schools in both Math and ELA.

All of Unity’s students present a portfolio at the end of each academic year at Unity’s Roundtable Presentations. From 6th grade onward, students present artifacts from various subjects and answer questions from staff members, family members, and community members. Built into Unity’s mission is civic engagement and community service. All of Unity’s students from grades 6-9 will participate in a minimum of 2 hours of community service during this school year.

M.S. 126 John Ericsson Middle School

424 Leonard Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Principal: Maria Ortega

John Ericsson Middle School 126 – Magnet School for Environmental Engineering is in the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Our talented staff, dedicated administrators and collaborative teacher leadership practices create an engaging, rigorous and safe learning environment for all of our students. We look forward to providing a world class education and nurturing leadership skills within our school community.

At J.E.M.S. we are a NYC Community School on the rise. Being designated a community school allows us to align our resources with a focused vision and a purpose resulting in improved student achievement, stronger families ties, and a healthier community. This school year, our instructional goals will strengthen reading and writing across content areas and increase student engagement through new vocabulary enrichment programs and academic interventions for all students. We are excited to announce that we are officially a Leader in Me School, Eco-School recipients, and have been granted several new enrichment programs such as Middle School Quality Initiative (MSQI), College Access for All, and Algebra for All which are designed to offer supports for all students. Beacon, SASF, and extended learning time programs offer Robotics, Chess, Science Clubs, Waste Warriors, Band, Sports Teams, and more.

In our commitment to reinforce our mission this year, we have reframed our school vision to read as, “We are a community committed to environmental awareness, integrity and communal respect. We are leaders who innovate, design and engineer positive solutions for the future.”

Progress High School

850 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Principal: William Jusino

Progress High School is located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York. Progress High is a highly distinguished academic school. Our primary focus is to provide quality education for all students and to maximize student achievement and performance. Progress High is proud to offer traditional honors, advanced placement, and college level dual enrollment classes. They also offer (5) Advanced Placement Courses and a large number of Progress students are now taking at least one, if not more honors classes. There is a comprehensive music and chorus program, and Progress has received numerous medals at NYSSMA competitions, including numerous gold medals. Student council, various clubs, and various sports supported by a $6,000,000 sports complex make for a well rounded school. Finally, Progress High has expanded its partnerships with St. Nicks Alliance, Urban Arts, the Leadership Program, Build On, and a host of other local businesses, restaurants. This includes a partnership with Woodhull Medical Center who provides a school based clinic which has been a great support to the school.

The Green School

223 Graham Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11206
Principal: Cara Tait

The Green School is a small learning community that creates graduates that are bold and courageous; passionate and compassionate. We offer an Early College Academy that allows students to take College and AP classes and graduate with up to 18 college credits. We also have a Transitional Bilingual Program, which supports newly arrived students to the US. Then there is our focus on technology. In partnership with the St. Nicks Alliance, the Green School has been a Community School since 2015, serving as a hub for resources, support, and expanded programming that leads to increased parent and family participation in our school community and a 3% increased student daily attendance from the previous year. This school year we are excited to be part of the College Access for All and Computer Science for All Initiatives. Through these initiatives Green School students will all be able to study computer science, explore different post-secondary pathways and visit a variety of colleges during their high school years. Through partnerships with the Horticulture Society, ScriptED, and the St. Nicks Alliance Community School, Green School students will have expanded access to after-school internships, jobs and real-world experiences. This year, we are also looking forward to a greater focus on technology as we utilize our new computer lab and make use of the newly installed touch screen blackboards in each of our classrooms provided through Borough President Eric Adams Office and Councilmember Antonio Reynoso. As we incorporate technology and increase our focus on STEM careers we look forward to graduating classes of students that are well prepared for College and Career!

Bushwick Community High School

231 Palmetto St, Brooklyn, NY 11221
(718) 443-3083
Principal: Llermi Gonzalez

“One of our major themes for this school year is collaboration. We aim to create a shared vision for students, staff and community partners by taking the time to gather input and knowledge from as many stakeholders as possible,” said Assistant Principal Santa, “Also we will support and encourage those with whom we work to embrace a sharing and collaborative school culture that takes risks in an effort to do great things!”

Bushwick Community High School (BCHS) serves 17-21 year olds who have not met with success in high school and wish to continue their education and earn a diploma. Through a safe, caring and disciplined environment, a culture of high expectations, personal bonds of trust and respect for students, a curriculum of social justice, college, and community partnerships, BCHS succeeds with students where their previous schools have failed.

School for Legal Studies

850 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Principal: Rosemary Vega

“The school would like to continue on the successes from last year. The graduation rate increased from 40%-60%,” said Assistant Principal Forde, “We added a bilingual program to address and support the increase of English Language Learners to the school. All Legal Studies students can now participate in campus wide sports. Entering this year there is also a lot of excitement around the Advanced Placement Courses, including Environmental Science, English, Computer Science, U.S. History, and Law Academy. Finally, Legal Studies now has their largest collaboration with community-based organizations including services in drumming and dance, attendance improvement dropout prevention, peer mediation, cultural celebrations, and career exploration.”

P.S. 147 Issac Remsen School

325 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Principal: Sandra Noyola

In a relatively short time, P.S. 147, located at 325 Bushwick Avenue in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn has managed to establish itself as one of the premier elementary schools in District 14.  In addition to its rigorous academic curriculum, which focuses heavily on cultivating the higher order thinking skills of its students, P.S. 147 also maintains a steadfast commitment to arts education.  Children in grades K-5 all participate in numerous arts based residencies designed build their background knowledge and to encourage an appreciation and understanding for the many cultures of the world. In addition, P.S.147 has led the initiative, in collaboration with parents and teachers, to launch the first and only Japanese Dual Language program in New York City.  The Japanese DLP, currently in its second year, has been a universal success and, as a result, draws families from across the five boroughs who are all excited to have their kindergarten and first grade students immersed in Japanese language and culture.

Most recently, P.S. 147’s DLP garnered the acclaim of the Consulate-General of Japan as well as the esteemed First Lady of Japan, Mrs. Akie Abe. On Monday, September 19, 2016, the First Lady, who was in town with her husband Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe for the United Nations Summit, made a special request to survey the school’s Dual Language Program, its state of the art Hydroponic Laboratory as well as visit with the students.  Mrs. Abe was impressed by all that she saw and was clearly delighted by her experience at P.S. 147.  Since the visit, Ms. Abe has reached out to this school community once again, sending a bundle of her signature cookies as a “Thank You” for the warm reception she received.  Under the leadership of Principal, Sandra Noyola and Assistant Principal, Eliza Figueroa P.S. 147 has become a place where love and respect serve as the cornerstones of all that they do.

Author: The Greenline

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