Capri Jet Realty cheers clients and salutes success!


Capri Jet Realty hosted very special night of appreciation for their valued clients at the famous luxury venue Vetro’s Restaurant in Old Howard Beach on Oct. 27.

More than 100 people came to celebrate the success of Robert Napolitano and his company. This show of support was all the more impressive as the goers had to navigate heavy rain and sad events within Napolitano family on that particular day.

John Pizzi, a famous comedian, entertains the crowd

The celebration lifted-off with a speech from Joe Meyer (a well known International speaker and a trainer at Capri Jet Realty) and Alina Naliuka (the Manager of Capri Jet Realty). All agents personally introduced themselves and mingled to stir up the fun and conversation and made sure all guests were having a fabulous night!

The night’s special guest was John Pizzi, a famous comedian. He made the guests laugh so hard they cried. The food and service was top notch, and all around everyone could be seen enjoying the party.

Robert Napolitano, the founder of Capri Jet Realty, runs a well known full-service boutique real estate agency in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Robert handpicked more than 20 agents who have proven to be highly dedicated to their job.

Capri Jet Realty has enjoyed a longstanding stellar reputation for in-depth market knowledge and superior customer service. This firm has also cultivated outstanding relationships with clients, landlords, home owners, developers, and lawyers. Capri Jet is a home-grown local real estate agency that is continually sought-after for its expertise and track record for selling homes at the highest price in the least amount of time.

Robert’s exceptional knowledge and hands-on approach are based in his three generations of Williamsburg family roots and deep ties in his local community. Napolitano oversees all transactions closely; he capitalizes on his wealth of knowledge and attentive approach to bring value to clients. He gets deals done!He also provides information, tools, resources, and support to his team so they do the best job possible.

All of the above adds up to an unparalleled experience for Capri Jet clients.

Capri Jet Realty is having a very successful year, and it was this reason they gathered everyone together to say thank you. It is because of faithful clients like Olimpia Romero (who has been a client for 30 years) and many others that the business is flourishing.

Although the company is proud to announce 90 percent of their inventory sold, they still have lots of clients looking to buy. The company will be very thankful for referrals. A lot of guests joined company’s Referral Club that was established about a year ago by Robert.

Capri Jet Realty is not only assisting their clients with all their real estate needs… the company is taking an active role in the Brooklyn community:

  • In the summer of 2016, the company hosted an event for all the attorneys, architects and other real estate professionals to exchange business, ideas, and ways to help each other grow.
  • On Dec. 10, Capri Jet Realty will be hosting an event for kids. Santa is coming to Capri Jet Realty! Bring your kids for free pictures & gifts for your children!
  • In 2017 Capri Jet will be having two huge events: Educational Seminar for Senior Citizens & “Accounting Educational Seminar” for all the Investors and home owners.

The company will get much stronger with the in-house CPA & 1031 expert Mario Saggese, who will join Capri Jet’s family in January 2017. This will translate to the abundance of tax consultations and more real estate transactions closed.

The company wants to thank every single person who attended. And for those who could not make it – they hope to see them all in the fabulous 2017!!!

Capri Jet Realty, Corp. is located at: 533 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211; ph. (718) 388-2188

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