Job success for Workforce graduates

2016 has been a springboard year for the graduates of St. Nicks Alliance Workforce Division’s Skills Training.

The year brought a total of ten training classes in the areas of environmental remediation, construction, and commercial driving. So far nine training classes across three areas have graduated 98 students. The tenth class, for Commercial Driver Licenses (CDL), will graduate after they complete their scheduled road test, which would bring the number of total graduates to 107 (if all nine CDL students pass the test).

“Joining this training program has provided me with hope and saved my life.”

Julian Pagan, a new graduate of St. Nicks Alliance Workforce Development Skilled Build Construction Training, said he found out about the training from a flyer posted in the Cooper Park housing complex, where he lives. His steadfast dedication to learning throughout the 5 ½ week course served him well toward earning his certificate.

On graduating, Pagan said, “joining this training program has provided me with hope and saved my life.”

He and his fourteen fellow graduates received training in 10 hour OSHA, Fire Guard/Torch Operator F-60 certifications, plus certifications in Flagger, Scaffolding, and concepts of basic construction coursework of the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).

Mr. Pagan started working less than one month after completing his construction training. He presently works as a construction laborer with Bayport Construction Corporation.

Roger Leak is another a recent graduate of St. Nicks Alliance Workforce Development training, but his chosen course was Environmental Remediation Technician training. He was soon hired by WRS Environmental Services and November 28th will mark his one month anniversary on the job.

Olawale Ojelade graduated the ERT training earlier this year. King C Iron Inc. put him on the job in mid April as a laborer helper. Today he is a supervisor at the company, which means he has been promoted within the seven months he’s been on the job.

Another success story came not via the trainings but via the dedication of individuals at St. Nicks Alliance Workforce Development. Daniel Grant came in to convey his thanks to Bob Din, St. Nicks Alliance Workforce Development Skills Training Account Manager and Program Manager Beatrice Brown. Bob and Beatrice worked together to get him placed into a job, and he was hired by ACE at Essex Crossing site. Mr. Grant told them he is making $20 an hour at the site, in addition to having a potential boost in the near future based on his performance. This is a major turnaround from the first time he walked into Workforce feeling a lack of confidence that he’d be matched to a job or that this would all happen at no cost to him!

If you are interested in the trainings or services of St. Nicks Alliance Workforce Division, they are located at 790 Broadway, 2nd Fl., Brooklyn, NY 11206. Apply online at, or call 718-302-2057.

Author: The Greenline

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