Tenant harassment is a crime

Villainous Israel brothers admit guilt!

If you paused a moment on November 29th instead of the rain you may have heard “Hoorays” coming from rent regulated tenants across North Brooklyn. This was because acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez released the news that Joel and Amrom Israel pled guilty to intimidating their tenants to move out by means of hazardous construction among other unscrupulous tactics.

“Landlords across Brooklyn should be put on notice by today’s felony guilty pleas that illegal actions they may take to harass and intimidate tenants in rent regulated apartments will not go unpunished. Anyone trying to cash in on soaring market rents by breaking the law and abusing tenants will face serious consequences. I promise to continue to vigorously prosecute building owners who brazenly flout the law as they try to illegally evict protected tenants,” Gonzalez stated in the press release.

The Israel brothers will receive five years’ probation; each must perform 500 hours of community service; in addition they must make restitution of approximately $248,000. This amount will be shared among eight tenants who were harassed while they variously lived at the following locations: 98 Linden Street in Bushwick, 324 Central Avenue in Bushwick, 300 Nassau Avenue in Greenpoint, 15 Humboldt Street in Williamsburg, and 386 Woodbine Street in Bushwick.

“We applaud the Kings County District Attorney’s office for their active role in bringing justice to these tenants, who suffered and were terrorized by the Israel brothers’ efforts to make them leave their homes. This sends a clear message that landlords will pay in a criminal court if they illegally harass their tenants,” said Rolando Guzman, St. Nicks Alliance Deputy Director of Community Preservation.

Author: The Greenline

Your monthly source for North Brooklyn community news covering Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick. Currently 13,000 copies are distributed throughout the community free of charge. Articles published with The Greenline byline includes content cited directly from press releases or published statements and/or is the work of a combination of vetted authors or sources.

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