BK Story Voyager Book Picks – Rude Cakes

rude cakesRude Cakes
By Rowboat Watkins
(For readers in preK–K)

A two-tiered cute pink cake who is never wrong and never sorry is this book’s protagonist. The author, Rowboat Watkins writes, “Rude cakes never say please, and they never say thank you, and they sometimes take things that don’t belong to them.” In how this pink cake treats others, ignores his parents, and then has to deal with some Giant Cyclopes, you might sense a slight soupçon of “Where the Wild Things Are” as Watkins is a former Sendak Fellow. However, Watkins wields his own distinctive voice in imparting a lesson on how not to judge another’s sweetness by their frosting.BK_STORY_VOYAGER_FRONT_v2-FINAL-small

Rowboat Watkins also illustrated this quirky tale. His illustrations have a fun hilarity. The text is simple and perfect for a child ready to learn the value of “please” and “thank you.” Your child will enjoy Watkins’ use of speech bubbles and may even discover some ways to manage bullies. The book conveys a lesson about the importance of thoughtfulness via cuteness. Perhaps after reading this book, your child will learn to say please the next time she asks for a treat!

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