New Zip Code New Reason for a New Dime

Dime RC Kent 010 Ribbon Cutting
(l to r) Benedetta LeoGrande, Dime First VP, Regional Director, Retail Operations; Chris Lenard, VP of Membership, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce; Paul Samulski, President, North Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce; Kenneth J. Mahon, Dime President and Chief Executive Officer; Vincent F. Palagiano, Dime Chairman; Michael A. Perez, Dime EVP and Chief Retail Officer; Elaine Brodsky, Chair, North Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce; and Anthony Wilson, Dime Kent Avenue Branch Manager

Dime Community Bank was referred to as the Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburgh for more than 150 years; in 2016 the name was changed to Dime Community Bank.  It’s heartwarming to know that this bank is so devoted to its Williamsburg roots. At the 149 Kent Avenue branch ribbon cutting,  Kenneth J. Mahon, Dime President and Chief Executive Officer,  revealed that when he heard a new Williamsburg zip code had been created he wanted to be sure there was a Dime branch there. This light-hearted intro brought joviality to the crowd.  It’s also a bit of a full circle moment as Dime Community Bank got its start on Kent Avenue (where Giando’s now resides) back in 1864.

Anthony Wilson, Dime Kent Avenue Branch Manager, shared his personal full circle moment, “We’re excited to be here on the corner of North 5th and Kent. This avenue has a lot of history for me because my father started a plumbing business thirty years ago, and I remember as a child we were driving down here many days, and it did not look like this. So today to be here and to have a presence on this avenue with it being what it is, is truly a wonderful thing.”

You won’t find tellers behind glass at this branch. Here there is an open aesthetic with a focus on the customer’s convenience. Universal bankers populate this branch and can assist with a multitude of banking needs, so customers receive faster more personal service and avoid the relay of going to several staff for various requests.

This branch blessed its opening with a “pay it forward” sensibility. Dime Community Bank donated $2,500 each to the North Brooklyn Angels and M.S. 577.

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Author: Lori Ann Doyon

Managing editor, head writer, and lead photographer of Greenline | North Brooklyn News since October 2014. Resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 1990.

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